Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Spit On A Stranger”


Annie has visited Colombia, Paris, and Azerbaijan this season so far, but “Spit On A Stranger” gave us the most riveting Covert Affairs Season 5 episode yet all while staying in D.C. Arthur was brought back into the fold, an exciting aspect of Caitlyn was revealed, and a new obstacle in DCI Joe was introduced. Oh, and Ryan McQuaid being involved in the Chicago attacks definitely was a red herring. I had a small doubt, but Annie trusting him though makes me trust him. It also makes the race between Annie and the real perpetrator all the more exciting because she can still work with McQuaid to take the person down.

The question now becomes: if McQuaid was not behind the Chicago attacks then who was? We also know from Roger that Nathan Mueller had no hand in it either. Caitlyn proved herself to be trustworthy as well. I mentioned last week I would be fine if she was the mole as long as McQuaid was not guilty. That being said, I have no problem whatsoever with her being in our good graces. In fact, having neither McQuaid nor Caitlyn as secret antagonists allows the plot to avoid that annoying cliché. There is still a mole at McQuaid Industries though. Perhaps it is the dog walker Alan. It’s no surprise Auggie found him at the scene of Roger’s accident. And maybe we truly haven’t met the actual person at the top pulling all the strings (who must be linked to McQuaid in some way since the Flint facility was used as a testing site for the attacks).

There is also the possibility the CIA is responsible for the attacks (props to commentator Sable), and that they wanted Annie killed as a result. I hadn’t thought about this, but if that turns out to be the case, I could see a Henry Wilcox sympathizer being involved. Granted, it seems extreme to kill many innocents just to get to Annie, yet I’d buy that as something Wilcox would do. A sympathizer probably wouldn’t be any different. Having a terrorist blamed in the process also kills two birds with one stone. And since the government uses McQuaid for certain operations someone there could have access to his Flint facility.

Either way, I am sincerely relived that McQuaid doesn’t seem to be involved. Can it be next week now?

More Thoughts After Going Back for My Christian Louboutin:

– I didn’t realize how much I missed Peter Gallagher until seeing him in such a huge capacity this episode.

– Do not mess with Caitlyn Cook because that girl can handle herself. Great work by Perrey Reeves.

– Nice to see Calder grow a pair in his situation with Auggie. I understand his frustration in Auggie’s lies, but it’s not a slight against Calder- it’s protecting Annie. And Joan was right: Calder would have been a huge hypocrite to open an investigation when he has his own skeletons in the closet.

– Speaking of Joan- I just love her. She didn’t wallow about Annie resigning and discovered quickly that Annie had to be pulling her own private op.

– Joe from the DCI is another new thorn in our side. But is he just an a-hole suit or more?

– So, every time the word Flint was mentioned my mind went to James Coburn. Yeahhhh.

– Worn on TV: I need Annie’s purple blouse along with the whole outfit she wore on her first day working for McQuaid. And as much as I loved her red stilettos, can you imagine running around in those? Heck no.