Supernatural Chat: 9 Things I Miss From Season 5

SUPERNATURAL Jensen Ackles as Dean

Hey there, Supernatural fans! We’re already halfway through August, which means we’ve got less than two months before the Season 10 premiere. Woohoo! After speaking with the cast and current EP at Comic-Con, I am more excited for next season than ever. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting those interviews shortly, I promise!

Until then, here’s the next installment of my summer series. 9 things I miss from Season 5.

Parent Trap Dean

Season 5’s “The End” is easily one of my top 10 favorite episodes of this entire series and I doubt that it will ever be knocked out of that position. There are just too many elements from it that I enjoyed, not the least of which was seeing past Dean dealing with his future self in some bizarre version of The Parent Trap. What was amazing about it was seeing Jensen Ackles play the same character so differently that you could tell instantly which Dean it was just by the look on his face and the way he carried himself. The comedy of the situation was also played well, especially when Past Dean found a way to prove to Future Dean he was who he said he was. Who can ever forget the “lacy panties” line?


Alternate Universe Cas

In the same episode we met a version of Castiel that I instantly fell in love with. I liked this guy who wore sandals, laughed and carried on orgies. Here was a broken, fallen angel with no choice but to figure out how to live his new life and he chose to fight for the cause, even without his powers. I would never want Cas to be that guy all the time, because there was a lot of sadness hidden under his actions, but I do still miss him sometimes.


Yet another thing I loved from “The End” was its version of Sam possessed by Lucifer – can you tell yet just how much I love this episode? In his white suit, Luci-Sam was a force to be reckoned with. He proved that point when he killed Future Dean with so little effort it was as if her had batted a fly. Yet, even after that heinous act, his quite voice nearly lulled me into a sense of security. As if I couldn’t imagine him killing anyone else. Once again, I have to give props to the actor, as Jared Padalecki did a wonderful job with that version of Sam.

Jesse, aka the Antichrist

The little boy who inadvertently made kids’ legends come to life was a fantastic character. At first, the episode presented as another one of the show’s famous “comedy” episodes (hello, hairy palms), but soon it became clear that this was more than some kid getting hold of a random spell. I’m one of the many fans who still wonder to this day what happened to little Jesse and hold onto the hope that we might see him again.

Old Dean

When Dean lost 25 years of his life in a poker game, we got to meet Old Dean. This guy was just as naughty and goofy, but in a much older body and therefore a whole lot funnier. Old Dean and Bobby made awesome sidekicks and I almost imagined seeing them with their own spinoff. Of course, the bittersweet part of writing this is knowing that we’ve now lost the actor who played Dean’s older self, Chad Everett. Thank you, sir, for giving us a glimpse into the future.


TV Land

Season 5 was just chock full of great episodes and “Changing Channels” was another one. Not only was it absolutely hilarious, it also brought the storyline forward quite a bit. Sam and Dean were tossed into a world of TV shows, which forced them to play along no matter how crazy or dangerous the situation. Once they realized The Trickster was involved, things got interesting, but not nearly as interesting as when they realized that he was actually fallen archangel Gabriel.

Jo and Ellen

As I said in an earlier installment of this series, I am holding my goodbyes to characters until those episodes where they actually passed. Sadly, Season 5 was when we said goodbye to Jo and Ellen in “Abandon All Hope.” I will admit that I was one of those fans that never saw Jo as a good match for Dean, but this episode did give me a ton of respect for her. There aren’t too many scenes in this show, perhaps none, that have made me cry as hard as when Ellen held her daughter’s hand and pressed the button that set off the explosion that gave Sam and Dean the time they needed. There have been many heroes on this series and Jo and Ellen are definitely on that list.


Sam and Dean discovering they had a brother was a moment that should have signaled the beginning of the end for this show. They aptly named the episode “Jump the Shark,” but the funny thing was, the shark wasn’t actually jumped. Adam’s story was believable and, as it turned out, he was sadly drawn into the Winchester war. When Michael couldn’t get Dean to be his vessel, he took poor Adam and now he is forever trapped in Hell with the two warring brothers. I really hope we get to see him again someday.


The Best Ending Ever

Okay, so I am definitely not one of those fans that thought Supernatural should have ended with Season 5. I was excited by the prospect of more seasons and it was when we got the Season 6 renewal that I first started setting my sights on a Season 10 (I almost still can’t believe that it’s almost here). That being said, the Season 5 finale was easily the best season finale the show has ever had. It hit all the right notes in terms of action, drama, Winchester family dynamics and tears – oh, so many tears. Would I have been happy if the show had ended there? Sure. Am I equally happy that it didn’t? You bet.

What about you? What do you miss from Supernatural Season 5? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!