POLL: Who is the Snarkiest Character Currently on TV?

Jane - Rizzoli & Isles, Danny - Hawaii Five-0, Abbie - Sleepy Hollow, Buzz - Major Crimes, Leonard - The Big Bang Theory, Marty - NCIS: Los Angeles

Snark – one of my favorite things about several TV shows. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, snark can be a verb or a noun, meaning snide and sharply critical comments. Now, snark can be mean spirited, or it can be just a funny aside meant to lighten the mood or provide alternative commentary on an event. I really prefer the lighter version, as mean spirited comments bother me. They also make me sympathetic for the character who is targeted!

For the purpose of this article, I am focusing just on TV programs currently airing or about to start back up this fall. Including all TV programs ever would just give me way too many characters to work with, and this article would get out of control fast. However, if you want to throw in your favorite snark-meister from the past in the comments section, please feel free to!

Let’s take a look at our candidates!

Leonard Hofstadter – The Big Bang Theory

Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

For The Big Bang Theory, I actually could have used any of the characters, because they are all very snarky. But, I decided to just pick one character per show, so that necessitated a choice. I think of all the characters on the show, Leonard is the snarkiest.

Of course, he interacts a lot with Sheldon, a very convenient target for snark. It makes it even funnier that Sheldon many times does not even realize he is being snarked.

Buzz Watson – Major Crimes

Buzz - Major Crimes

Another program where a choice is hard, Major Crimes is filled with characters that love to snark at each other – or behind each other’s backs! Buzz does not get as much screen time as the other characters, so I think maybe the writers make up for that by giving him some of the best lines.

His snark frequently involves Lt. Provenza and his lack of knowledge of current trends and technology. Lt. Provenza is a convenient target and other characters on the team also provide snark on the same topics.

Abbie Mills – Sleepy Hollow

Abbie - Sleepy Hollow

For those of you unfamiliar with Sleepy Hollow, here is what you need to know. Ichabod Crane is alive and well in present day Sleepy Hollow, and working with a police detective to stop the Four Horsemen from destroying the world.

Ichabod being a recent transplant from the 1700s is played as the “fish out of water” and that leads to such delicious snark from Abbie, which of course frequently goes over Ichabod’s head. Ichabod, for his part, is also no stranger to the art of snark as he comments on modern day life.

Danny Williams – Hawaii Five-0

Danny - Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 can be a pretty intense police procedural that deals with more than just ordinary police work. The characters sometimes travel to unfriendly areas of the world to track down mysteries from their pasts.

With Steve as a no-nonsense type of guy, he is the perfect target for Danny’s snark. And Danny, with his New Jersey accent, is the perfect delivery system!

Jane Rizzoli – Rizzoli & Isles

Jane -  Rizzoli & Isles

Set up as a perfect team, Rizzoli & Isles pairs a wise cracking, snarky Jane with an overly serious and staid Maura. Just like with Danny and Steve, this contrast in the characters works very well for snark.

Jane’s casual manner makes her snark all the more effective as it is presented from the angle of a long suffering friend in a very understated style.

Marty Deeks – NCIS: Los Angeles

Between the Lines

I think it is pretty clear that Marty is the comic relief many times on NCIS: Los Angeles. Please note that I am not saying that he cannot be deadly serious, as he is also very good at his job, which is very high pressure and dangerous.

But, when we need snarky commentary, he is usually the one providing it. This is not to say that others on the team don’t also use snark, just that Marty seems to be the go to guy for the writers. His delivery, coming from the point of view of the street wise Los Angeles cop, only enhances the fun!

Seriously, You Left Out My Favorite!

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Did I miss someone? If so, vote here and then let me know in the comments section below!


Now I need to vote. This is really hard, because they are all so good! But, I think I have to go with Leonard Hofstadter though, since not only is his snark spot on, the way his lines are presented, in an off-hand, matter-of-fact manner really drives the snark home!

Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below! I love hearing what you have to say!