Partners (FX) Episode 5 & 6 “Jurist Prudence / Paralegal Activity”

PARTNERS -- Pictured: Martin Lawrence as Marcus Jackson. CR: Johan Salvador/FX

Partners episode 5 & 6 “Jurist Prudence / Paralegal Activity” airs Monday, August 18th at 9PM ET/PT on FX.

Episode Synopsis: Partners episode 5 “Jurist Prudence” – As Allen carefully assembles the jury for their next case against an old rival, Marcus dives back into the dating scene for the first time since his divorce.
Episode 6 “Paralegal Activity” – Marcus deals with an unexpected message from his ex-wife while the guys investigate the bizarre side effects of a homeopathic sleep remedy.

Show Summary: Partners opens after Allen Braddock (Kelsey Grammer), a blue-blood Chicago lawyer, is fired from his father’s law firm for his questionable ethics and is brought down to the courthouse to be punished. There he runs into Marcus Jackson (Martin Lawrence), a man-of-the-people community lawyer who is representing himself in his own divorce settlement hearing. The two men strike a deal and end up forming an unexpected partnership. In the second episode, the partners suspect that a high-end wedding planner is taking advantage of same-sex couples and while Marcus sees this as an opportunity to help a young couple that was duped, Allen focuses on the lucrative potential in cornering the market on future same-sex divorces. When they pose as a couple to get evidence, it shines a light on the problems in their own relationship. Other series regulars include Telma Hopkins, Rory O’Malley, McKaley Miller, Edi Patterson and Danièle Watts.