Masters of Sex Season 2 Review “Blackbird”

Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 5 Giants 8

Well, that certainly didn’t last long! (I know, I know: “That’s what she said!”) After getting one more last-ditch job working at Buell Green on “Masters of Sex,” Masters once again found himself at odds with his employer, as he and Hendricks hit a wall in terms of his study- or more accurately, in terms of an article a reporter was doing on it, along with an expose of Masters himself, and his consistent short-term employment and butting heads with his bosses as of late, in “Blackbird.”

Needless to say, Masters was not happy about it, and let the reporter and his boss know in no uncertain terms that if they moved ahead with this article, he would help to perpetuate the stereotypes that had directly affected, and to some extent, plagued the black community for ages. I can’t say I rightly agree with Masters’ line of action this time around, to say the least.

I was with him when he said that he wanted to show that African Americans shouldn’t be separated from whites within the study and that he wanted to show there really wasn’t that much difference between the two, but this was an all-new low for the not-so-good doctor, even if he was kind of backed into a corner. I can’t say I blame Hendricks for firing him at all. The question is: what will Masters do now? At this point, he’s practically blackballed in every hospital in town, after all. Not to mention he punched his last boss, who promptly told him he was going to tell anyone in the medical community who would listen that Masters was toxic.

I guess his only line of action at this point is to start a private practice, but that can’t be an easy thing to undertake, right? Also, where is he going to get the funding he needs to do so? Not to mention how is he going to get the sex study funded and back on track? Masters is definitely not having the easiest go of things, is he? Not that he exactly makes it easy on himself, what with his typical behavior, but still. He better watch himself or he might not have any patients left to go along with his lack of patience.

Also losing his patience was Gene, who finally reached the end of his rope just as he was beginning to forgive Betty when he discovered from a clueless Al that the latter had seen Betty and Helen kissing at the restaurant. Dismissing it as one of those things, Al laughed it off, but Gene knew better and confronted Betty about it, and the end results were not good. Looks like the honeymoon’s over for these two newlyweds. Too bad, I really like Gene, but I don’t see this working out at all. On the plus side, I guess this means Helen and Betty can be together for real, right? Given how underhanded Helen can be- though not without good reason- that may not be a good thing, either.

There was also DePaul’s situation, which reached the point of no return when she asked a doctor to give her the cold, hard truth about her cancer. The answers weren’t exactly surprisingly, and given her demeanor, neither were her actions in light of this. After setting her affairs in order and asking Johnson to deliver a message to her family explaining why she was planning to donate her body to science instead of interring herself in a cemetery or what have you, she promptly took a bunch of sleeping pills with some alcohol to finish herself off in lieu of any more radiation treatments.

Johnson wasn’t exactly onboard with any of this, but in the end, she accepted it because it was what her friend wanted. DePaul’s tale was definitely a sad one, but on the plus side, at least she went out on her own terms, so there’s that. Also, her getting her pap smear test to the doctor himself was an undeniable triumph, even if she doesn’t get any credit for it, which to her credit, wasn’t her reason for doing it, anyway. That was a beautiful moment when Johnson got DePaul into bed and talked about the stars and constellations, as she might to her kids, and gave her a loving kiss goodnight, not knowing that it would be DePaul’s last at the time. She might not have fared too well at love in life, but she did die with at least one person who genuinely cared for her and that’s something.

Finally, there was the situation with Libby and Robert and Coral, which was decidedly oddball. I guess we’re supposed to take it that Libby has a thing for Robert which she can’t deal with, so she’s taking it out on Coral, who she fired. Although, to be fair, she lied to Libby left and right about pretty much everything, so there’s that. For one, Coral and Robert aren’t lovers at all, but brother and sister. For another, she lied about getting a ride from her aunt. So, her firing wasn’t completely unjustified, but let’s be honest- none of those things are the reason she’s really getting fired. It will be interesting to see where this all goes from there.

Not to mention what will become of Masters and Johnson now that Masters realizes he isn’t the only one Johnson is seeing. Awkward! Obviously, we know from history that Masters & Johnson are meant to be together and that the sex study will eventually be published, but the interesting thing is how they will get there. So far, the show has been remarkably unpredictable, given that we know the ultimate outcome, and I love that about it. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do an adaption of something that everyone knows the outcome of (witness “Lone Survivor,” which is a solid movie, but it’s kind of all right there in the title, isn’t it?), but “Masters of Sex” is doing a bang-up job of it so far.

What did you think of “Masters of Sex” this week? Are Gene and Betty doomed? Will Betty opt to be with Helen after all, or will she get rid of her after what Helen did? What will become of Coral? Will Libby come to terms with her obsession with Robert? What will Masters do now? How will Johnson react now that Masters knows about her new boyfriend? Will the smear article that the reporter planned be published or not? Let me know what you think down below and see you next week!