Helix Season 2 Interviews: Jordan Hayes, Kyra Zagorsky, Neil Napier, and More [Comic-Con 2014]

helix cast comic-con 2014

The cast and executive producer of Syfy’s Helix were on hand at Comic-Con 2014 to tease fans about what they can expect in Season 2. TV Equals, along with other reporters, got the chance to speak with stars Jordan Hayes (Dr. Sarah Jordan), Kyra Zagorsky (Dr. Julia Walker), Mark Ghanimé (Major Sergio Balleseros), and Neil Napier (Dr. Peter Farragut), as well as executive producer Ron D. Moore and Steven Maeda behind the scenes.

Helix Season 1 ended with a real bang and a whole lot of surprises. With a flash forward to Day 235, fans were given a glimpse of how things might play out as we watched Alan torturing an immortal for information. Where will the series go in its second season? Check out our interviews and see what you can glean from what the cast and executive producer had to say.

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