Siblings Series 1 Review “Vet Drugs”


Last week’s premiere episode of the newest BBC3 sitcom, Siblings, introduced us to two very unlikeable characters – Dan and Hannah. This week’s follow-up instalment re-introduced them to us and, they’re not just unlikeable now, they’re abhorrent.

There’s a difference, and it’s crucial. It’s the line between naiveté and spitefulness, and ‘Vet Drugs’ crossed it. Obviously conceived with the purpose to shock, drugging your best friend so that she’ll pay more attention to you than her new fiancé is not something that can just be shrugged off. Then there’s Dan, who has swapped pretending to be disabled so that he can make more friends for freeing all the animals from a vet’s surgery so that they can avoid being put down.

Right now, there are absolutely no redeeming features apparent in either character, and genuinely amusing moments like Hannah’s opening sense of Muffin entitlement or her wishes on equally bitchy prospective mothers are far outweighed by the moments that don’t land as intended.

Which is a shame, because the story of an old university friend coming to visit with life experience, a future and a fiancé in tow is a situation too many of us can relate to. Hannah’s reaction to this turn of events is something many of us have considered (to a point, obviously), but never acted on, which I suppose is the point of her character.

She has no inhibitions to speak of – no filter even when one is desperately needed – and that’s the kind of character great sitcoms are made of.

Dan, on the other hand, is just terrible. The parts are there, but it just never comes together. The result is infuriating rather than hilariously cringe-worthy (as I assume is the intent), and his part of the episode just brings down the slightly more interesting adventures of his sister. Neither half of the show is brilliant, but at least there’s some potential there. Sadly, since the show’s called Siblings, we can assume Dan is here to stay.

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