Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Moving Day”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 9 Moving Day (1)

Rookie Blue will end its fifth season next week, but before Division 15 goes on break we were given an emotional episode that allowed some of our favorite characters to shine when it came to a case involving human trafficking. While working the case, Andy, Chloe, Gail and Nick all had to wear body cameras, recording their every move.

For Andy, the camera seemed to give her anxiety after being recorded by Duncan. Sharing her worries with Chloe didn’t seem to get her much sympathy. It isn’t long before Andy has a confrontation with a moving day resident, but she brushes it off and moves on, which was nice to see.

Chloe is just happy to be out and about, working the streets, and the camera is a part of her job. Watching her work the case and communicate with the victims was heartfelt and great for Oliver who has had it tough in the last couple of episodes with the Andy/Duncan drama. While Chloe spends most of the first half of the episode her chipper self, a shared kiss with Wes over hot dogs and the end of their marriage makes her feel confused and guilty. What she doesn’t realize until the close of the show (and her shift) is that the kiss was caught on her body camera. Will Dov end up seeing it or will she manage to erase it?

Nick was also a favorite to watch this week. It was great to see him cleverly keep the brother and sister abandoned by their mom together. We finally got to see more of his story when he took them to their new home, a place he previously called home. After being called Nicki by the house mother, he sits down to eat with the house, explaining that his parents died in a car crash when he was 12. It makes you appreciate all of the obstacles he’s been through.

Even Nick and Andy’s skipped the drama this week and kept it low key with the bachelorette and some take out. It was a feel good week before we predictably get bombarded with what looks to be one high energy season finale. What did you think of “Moving Day”?