Cuckoo Series 2 Review “Potato Party”


It was only a matter of time before Cuckoo’s jacket potato van made another appearance, and here it is. It’s an extension of the general feeling this second series of the show seems to be going for – they’re well aware that their main selling point is gone, but they hope we’ll stick around anyway.

That goal will be helped some by the continued-pleasantness of Taylor Lautner’s presence, which here sees him carry on with the naive lost boy act, but in an episode that doesn’t have as much to do as last week. The premiere was a bit manic, also marred by our lowered expectations and the level of scrutiny meeting the new star, but ‘Potato Party’ benefits from a much more laid-back vibe.

It also has more from Dylan, something that I approve of wholeheartedly. When he throws a party designed to get his girlfriend into bed for the first time, the show has an excuse to get Dale interacting with other people, notably some teenage girls who aren’t immune to his many charms, and the results are great. This year’s run still hasn’t quite reached the heights of the first series, but it’s not for lack of trying.

The running joke of Dale inadvertently joining society’s many cults is amusing, and the return of the potato van brings the joke of Taylor Lautner being, well, Taylor Lautner. Where Cuckoo was so secure in himself and almost antagonistic to Ken and the rest of the family, Dale is quite the opposite. He has no idea of the effect he has on others, notably Rachel, and that’s going to bring a whole different kind of trouble.

It was a shame to miss Greg Davies this week, but the fact that the show remained afloat even without his steadying influence for the bulk of the episode proves that there’s still something here. It was another stronger-than-expected instalment, and I have few doubts that the rest of the year will be the same.

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