Suits Season 4 Review “Gone” – Sometimes Brothers Fight


In this episode of Suits, called “Gone,” Jessica, Harvey and Mike go on the warpath to undo the damage that Louis did, but in the end it might just be another mistake that ultimately saves them.

As I was live-tweeting this episode last night, an interesting debate came up about Louis. When Harvey found out what he had done, I swear I thought I saw smoke start to come out of his ears. He was so angry at Louis and, once again, it felt as though that anger was stronger than it was for anyone else. So I tweeted out a thought: Does Harvey’s anger at Louis stem from anger at himself for the things he knows he’s done wrong, too?

Donna seemed to echo my sentiment. She went to bat for Louis multiple times in this episode and I had to applaud her. I’ve said many times that she is my hero and she proved that again when she took on not only Harvey, but Jessica to speak up for her friend. She too also pointed out that Harvey wasn’t innocent and did at least one extremely dangerous thing to the firm when he hired Mike. She wasn’t afraid to tell Jessica that she had once made a mistake herself, though Jessica then pointed out that she was fired for it, too.

The little debate that happened on Twitter came from a few people theorizing that Harvey may have put the firm in danger, but he did it intentionally, while Louis just made “stupid” mistakes. What I found interesting about that was the fact that some people think it’s worse for Louis to make mistakes that put the firm in danger, but it’s perfectly okay for Harvey to do it because his “mistake” was intentional. Personally, I think that makes it worse.

I’m not trying to sound like a Harvey-hater here and anyone who has been reading my reviews since Season 1 knows how much I love that guy. I’m just trying to understand the complicated relationship he (and Jessica) has with Louis. Jessica told Louis that he is controlled by his emotions and that’s what got him into trouble, so maybe that’s it. Maybe neither of them can stand to watch someone who is so vulnerable. Maybe they are trying to toughen him up because they know he won’t survive otherwise.

Either way, Louis was the one who did finally come up with a way to get them out of the situation. Yes, it was by doing something that Jessica told him not to and yes, it was after he already made the mistake, but aren’t people allowed to atone for their sins? I loved that Harvey was ready to help him after that. Jessica wouldn’t budge though, which left Louis with no choice but to resign. His resignation letter killed me, as did the entire act itself because, once again, he put Harvey and Jessica before himself. Louis sacrificed himself so as to save Harvey or Jessica from having to fire him.

Will Louis be given a chance to further redeem himself? I don’t know, but I sincerely hope so. At this point, I wouldn’t even be happy if he returned to the firm under some other kind of circumstances that left him working there but in a state of disgrace. Louis’ pride could never handle that and neither could my heart.

My favorite bits:

Harvey’s power walk.

YES!! What Donna just said to Harvey. All kinds of YES.

Rachel buying the burritos Mike likes, even though she hates them.

Louis asking Donna if Harvey was planning to fire him.

“If it’s an invitation to your birthday party, I think I’m busy that day.”
“Well, that’s too bad, I promised the children a clown.” – OMG Cahill would be the scariest clown EVER.

“This is the ball, Sean. It’s a wrecking ball and it’s heading your way.”

Mike accusing Harvey of having a bromance with Cahill. Hahahahahaha! Pot calling the kettle black, much?

“Usually people don’t start by washing their hands.”
“Usually people aren’t here to talk about Louis.”

Donna going to bat and defending Louis against Jessica. She is my hero.

“If this were Harvey, you’d let him try to make up for it.”
“And if this were Harvey, I’d have the confidence that he would.” – Ugh! So not cool.

Harvey vs. Woodall during the deposition. That was awesome.

Jessica’s face when she realized Cahill knew about her and Malone.

“Sometimes brothers fight.”

Louis saying that if he didn’t do something then Harvey and Mike were done, too.

Wait. Louis did what?? Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap.

“When assholes act invincible it’s because they think they are.”

Louis sans jacket and tie. Me likey. Just sayin’

Cahill referring to Harvey, Mike and Louis as The Witches of Eastwick. Ha!

The hatred in Cahill’s eye being directed straight to Woodall when he realized he’d been lying.

Harvey telling Woodall not to call him when he needed a lawyer.

Harvey thanking Louis. I’m sort of embarrassed by the squeak that came out of me when that happened.

Harvey promising to try to help Louis and Mike taking the time to tell him he wouldn’t be there if not for Louis.

“Why you and not me?”
“Because you want to deliver the message: Your services are no longer needed. And I want to tell him goodbye.” – My heart.

Donna volunteering to go with Harvey.

Louis’ letter. That is all.

“Your names are on that wall for a reason and my name is not, for a reason.” – MY HEART.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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