Extant Season 1 Review “Nightmares”

Extant Season 1 Episode 6 Nightmares 1

After several impressive, much more compelling episodes of “Extant” after a slow start, the show, perhaps inevitably, dialed things back a bit for this episode, entitled “Nightmares.” As Molly began to realize that she’d brought something back from space that almost certainly wasn’t human in nature, the ISEA secret team that had the baby in custody began to go off the rails as containing said alien proved easier said than done.

To that end, one of the team’s members, Calder, was taken over by the alien, a la Molly and Kryger, and started hallucinating wildly and acting out, running most everyone off in the process and holding fellow team member Dr. Meehan hostage before ultimately killing him. But was he the only one exposed to the alien, or were there others?

As it turned out, one of them was none other than Katie Sparks (Tessa Ferrer, “Grey’s Anatomy”), Alan’s daughter, as Molly discovered when Kryger broke into ISEA and took files of a transmission from Aruna, another spacecraft that was up at the same time as the Seraphim, circa the time Kryger was onboard.

That means that when Sparks sent Molly up, he knew exactly what he was doing, and did so directly against his daughter’s wishes, as she pleaded with him not to send anyone up after her or the ship after declaring that she was about to take off in an escape pod after the crew had gone mad from the infection and starting turning on and killing one another and themselves. What’s more, he has someone up there now by the name of Glass, who could also potentially bring the alien back with them.

Meanwhile, Ethan started having nightmares- hence the title- which seemed to actually be remembrances of his time with Molly right before her abduction and his assault. However, as an android, he wasn’t supposed to be able to have dreams in the first place, so this was cause for concern for Dr. Woods, who took Ethan to get checked out. There, he discovered that not only was Ethan fine, but better even, having improved his cognitive skills considerably. Later on, he even helped Molly and Dr. Woods crack the encryption code on the files Kryger stole.

Molly also discovered that Sam was indeed lying to her under duress, and tried to hint to her that she knew, but it’s unclear whether Sam got the message or not. Either way, Sparks clearly thinks that Sam and Molly are working together, which may not bode well for her brother’s situation. Also a possible red flag: Julie met a new guy, Odin, who wasted no time infiltrating the lab, although, to be fair, Julia did invite him there to fix a part on his robotic arm, which he and fellow amputee Julia, who lost both of her legs, have in common.

That was about it, but there were some intriguing elements here and there that made this worth the effort. I liked the notion of a drug bar, a la the “Korova Milk” bar in “A Clockwork Orange,” which it somewhat resembled and which ISEA agent Kern visited; the robotic limbs are a neat idea, as is the skin-like bug Molly used to spy on Sam; the machine that Kryger used to “borrow” Kern’s fingerprints was also pretty neat; there was also an allusion to the “second Korean War” by Odin, who had an interesting conversation with Ethan about his potential namesakes, the God of War and the poet. Is he a spy sent by Sparks? For that matter, is Sparks doing all of this because he himself is infected? Note that he also had a hallucination, seeing his daughter, but not as an adult, as a child.

Compared to the last few, action-packed episodes, this was a bit of a comedown, but it had its moments overall. Plus, the plot is definitely thickening, and certain characters’ actions are starting to make more sense. Next week is a special two-hour episode, so hopefully, the show will deliver on the forward momentum of the last few weeks and pay-off what we’ve learned thus far.

That is, of course, unless CBS is simply trying to burn through episodes of the show sooner than later, which is never a good sign. It’s unclear if the next episode is actually one long, extended episode, or if it’s two strung together. (Most likely it’s the latter.) Either way, we’re officially at the halfway mark, so things should be heating up in earnest sooner than later.

What did you think of “Extant” this week? Did you see the various twists coming? Do you think Odin is a good guy or a bad guy? How about Kern? Is Sparks infected, too? What is he trying to accomplish with his various undertakings? Is he trying to rescue his daughter, or is he trying to intentionally infect the Earth with the alien, albeit under said alien’s direct influence? What is Yasumoto getting out of it? Let me know what you think down below, and see you next week!