‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Premiere Episode Teaser Revealed

Take a “Deep Breath” Doctor Who fans, the teaser for the highly anticipated season eight premiere has arrived.

The episode is set to bring back some familiar favorites from Eleven’s era while also reintroducing Clara to The Doctor. “You’ve redecorated,” she comments upon reentering The TARDIS. “I don’t like it.” The TARDIS’ interior design is not the only thing that has changed; as The Doctor heads back to Victorian England it is clear the series is heading in a darker direction. Peter Capaldi barely offers a smirk where Matt Smith and David Tennant would have grinned, and his Doctor appears to be extremely mission focused. Then again, maybe he is just as enthralled by the T-Rex running amok as we would be if we were in his place. Check out the teaser below.

Doctor Who season eight premieres Saturday, August 23rd on BBC One and BBC America.