The Bridge Season 2 Review “Harvest of Souls”


“Listen, in public, power is best wielded with a gloved hand, not a clenched fist.”

Since day one, the best thing The Bridge has always done is show how various people handle their power. In “Harvest of Souls” Sebastian Cerisola laid out pretty clear the two significant ways that can happen. The interesting part is now watching the clenched fist kind of power make its move into the public view. Abelardo was murdered by the Juarez police in broad daylight. Galvan’s revenge against the teenagers who stole from him had a personal calling card acknowledging that he had done the deed. Even Sonya has her own clenched fist to deal with now having shot the Juarez cop while searching Abelardo’s hotel room with Marco (who then killed the other cop and said he would handle it). Unfortunately, it looks like Marco will be facing a judge.

In the end, in many ways, I don’t think it matters how the power is wielded because sooner or later, everything comes crashing down. It’s just a game of who loses first. Galvan and Cerisola did their best to launder the $60 million between Rayburn National Bank, Groupo Clio, and the housing community, yet a mistake was made. A mistake that caused Mr. DeLarge to very publicly commit suicide. And how can you expect a woman like Eleanor to deal with that very open action with a gloved hand when all she knows is a clenched fist? The same applies to the Juarez police. They wanted to scare Marco and Sonya with Abelardo’s death, and they succeeded. That led Marco and Sonya to discover Eva’s affidavit though. Sonya is expectedly not happy with how the hotel jaunt went down and will now have to undergo the consequences. But she’s also learning that it’s extremely difficult to fight that private clenched fist with a public wielded glove. So are Frye and Adriana. They got lucky that Franco had a change of heart and divulged his murders linked to Cerisola and Galvan. Except they will both now have Cerisola breathing down their throats rooting for information (along with the fact that their editor won’t publish the article because DEA Agent Joe isn’t named as the source). And finally, imagine if Marco and Sonya hadn’t recovered Eva’s affidavit. Their best hope would have been to go back to Linder again to see if he knew anything else. His clenched fist, along with Bob’s, made the attacker of Eva’s they are holding in the barn divulge the name of everyone involved in her rape.

It’s always a constant struggle between both sides. Sometimes, one way works; sometimes, the other. But no one ever really wins (even if it does seem like the clenched fist has a leg up at the moment).

More Thoughts As I Visit Red Ridge “Hi Cesar!”

– I could go back and watch that scene with Galvan and Cerisola over and over again. Brilliant work by Ramon Franco and Bruno Bichir. You know that sooner or latter one of them will become obsolete in the whole scheme of things, and my guess is it won’t be Galvan.

– Cerisola prefers wielding a gloved hand and yet Lord Palmerston used a clenched fist to start the Opium War. And in the end, Palmerston got what he wanted: trade with China.

– RIP Abelardo. I wish you could have stayed around longer.

– Frye is probably going to kick his “good” habit of only drinking three beers a day now that he’s jobless.

– Eva told her attacker that he did not take her soul yet she almost looked demonic when Linder opened the barn door. Another thing The Bridge continues to do very well is show how a person affected by evil can then have their essence corrode. Eva got her revenge, but at what cost?

– It may be the only aspect of the story not connected to everything else, but color me intrigued about the whole Jack Dobbs situation. Is he looking for bodies of more women that his brother raped and murdered? Was he involved with what his brother did?

– The show needed a full break from Eleanor this week, but it looks like she’ll be back next time… and with Charlotte and Ray. I just can’t wait to hear that conversation. Also, my guess is that Monte is the person Cesar called to relay the news about Sonya and Hank visiting Red Ridge.

– Quote of the episode: Since Ray did not grace us with his presence this week, the honors go to Sonya
“Well, I’m not your girlfriend, so…”