True Blood Season 7 Review “Almost Home”

Two great things happened on last night’s episode of True Blood:

(1) Eric was cured.

(2) The episode moved us one step closer to the end of this hot mess of a season and what will ultimately be a very lackluster end to the series.

There was a point during last night’s episode when I just simply did not know how to react. There are so many variations of “bad” television. There’s television so bad that it makes you want to break out into a Hulk-like rage. There’s television so bad that it actually becomes funny. And then there’s last night’s episode of True Blood, which was so bad that it just left me speechless and searching for an appropriate reaction to the hour spent watching the episode. I had such high hopes for the final season once the show got rid of the vigilantes and the hep vamps. For a few episodes, the show seemed to be hitting its stride by striking the right balance between exploring new storylines while paying tribute to characters and plots of the past. The last few episodes, however, have felt like filler and have not been very entertaining. After seven seasons of watching True Blood, however, I’m committed to hanging on until the very bitter, ill-conceived end.

We’ve spent a lot of time this season reflecting back on Bill’s life and unsurprisingly, his reflections upon his life (as human and vampire) have prepared him for the true death. This was a much more interesting journey when we watched Godric go down this path several seasons ago. It may have made more sense to have Eric have this epiphany so that we could get an opportunity to see Godric again. It was bad enough that we had to sit through all of the flashbacks and accept Bill’s reunion with Sookeh just a few days after Alcide’s death. What do we get in return for our suffering? Bill ready to call it quits. At its best, True Blood is campy, good fun. I would like an ending consistent with that. Admittedly, I’m indifferent about whether or not Bill lives, but I’m not excited about the series potentially ending on a somber note.

The high point of the episode was Eric being healed by Sarah or Newme or whatever she’s calling herself these days. I was really tempted to just change the channel as soon as Eric was healed and the opening credits started rolling so that I could end the episode on a high note. Eric doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson about being more cautious and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Bill live on at the end of the series and Eric meet the true death because he gambled one time too many. After watching Sookie quickly move past Alcide and back to Bill, I really don’t want to see Eric make some grand sacrifice for her.

Typically, I would consider getting closure to the storylines with Violet and Lettie Mae a good thing, but it really wasn’t. Hoyt saved the day for Jason, Jessica, Adilyn and Wade and unsurprisingly, he found himself drawn to Jessica. How many storylines are we going to revisit this season? Seriously. Jessica has forgotten why things didn’t work out with Hoyt and Jason and Jessica have both forgotten that everyone remembers their betrayal of Hoyt. As Hoyt aptly observed, Bon Temps is a small town. How long before someone reminds Hoyt of his past? I don’t want to waste the final hours of the series on these three and their complicated relationship again. I really wish the writers would have limited the reconnecting to Hoyt and Jason because the loss of their lifelong friendship was really sad to watch.

From the start of True Blood, there are few characters that I have disliked as much as I disliked Lettie Mae Thornton. I have to wonder if something went on behind the scenes with Rutina Wesley’s contract that led the writers to focus on Lettie Mae and embark upon this frustrating endeavor to retcon the character. So Tara’s father was horrible and she lived with the regret of not shooting him when she was a child. I don’t care. I don’t care about any of it. With this nonsense over, I hope that we’ll get to see Lafayette doing fun stuff with James and that we never, ever, ever have to look at Lettie Mae again. I will never understand why the writers didn’t spend the final season exploring Lafayette’s relationship with Ruby Jean – who might have a mental disorder, but might also be a medium. The failure to ever follow through on that storyline might be the most disappointing part of this season.

Well fellow True Blood fans, we’ve only got two more episodes to go. What did you think of last night’s episode and what would you like to see before the show leaves the air? Sound off below!