Ray Donovan Season 2 Review “Irish Spring”

For a dead person, Sully continues to be a serious player on Ray Donovan. To begin, Sully will always represent the fractured relationship between Ray and Mickey at its very worst. After all, this Sully mess started because Ray commissioned him to kill his father. Although he decided not to kill Mickey, Sully dropped a good number of bodies during his short time on the show – including Linda (portrayed by Rosanna Arquette). Linda was an innocent bystander and it appears that her murder is weighing heavily on Mickey. To make matters worse, the discovery of her body might also strain Mickey’s relationship with the love of his life – Claudette. I suspect that by the end of this season, a few more characters might lose their lives because of a Sully-related problem. Frank and/or Kate might find themselves joining Tiny as a member of the Sully-related collateral damage club.

Although I’m not a fan of Kate, I like that her persistence brought about an uneasy alliance between Cochran, Mickey and Ray. I was surprised at the reveal of their elaborate lie to Kate about the Donovans working with the FBI to catch Sully. Kate appears to buy the story, but I’m sure we’ll see her again – particularly after she checks out what Mickey’s roommate gave to her. Kate might figure out what really happened with Sully, but she doesn’t seem to have a clue about how dangerous the Cochran/Ray/Mickey trio can truly be.

The closing scene with Ray’s family sitting around the table eating dinner together was such a great juxtaposition to what we saw unfold during the episode. Conor is unapologetic about his anger issues. Bridget is spiraling out of control with Marvin Gaye Washington, who also appears to be in a bit of a spiral himself.

And then there’s Abby. She just might be my favorite character this season. She’s a wreck and I’m loving every moment of it.

Other thoughts and observations:

– In a show where we frequently see criminals, Ezra might just be the worst of the lot. Seriously.

– One of my favorite lines of the episode – Abby: “Can we go to a hotel and have sex?”

– Lena and Avi are still criminally underused on this show.

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