Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Exit Strategy”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 8 Exit Strategy (6)

This week’s Rookie Blue was all about making difficult decisions. Something residents of the precinct do every day, but when it comes to their own the burden seems to weigh heavier. For Dov, it’s all about Chris’ undeniable cocaine addiction. You want to believe that he is on the right track. Chris even decides to go to a support group where he goes by the name of Dave. Later he tells Dov that he doesn’t need a baby sitter, but after the pair work on a home invasion alongside Gail and McNally, Chris becomes harder to trust and believe.

I loved the Big Chill and violin reference by Dov and watching Sam interrogate the Big Chill was even better. Sam is great at working suspects and witnesses and gets the guy to give up details about his pot stash. Gail on the other hand isn’t so great when it comes to people, but she makes a great cop!

Traci hasn’t been a real focus as of late. She finally gets some attention in this episode when she has to decide what to do when she finds out that the underground gambling spot her ex-husband frequents is about to get busted by her fellow officers. It seems Traci’s ex makes a visit there every Wednesday when he says he’s at therapy. She decides to give him a heads up. At first he thinks she’s trying to black mail, but then he’s grateful. You feel for Traci and you see why she does it.

We also saw Oliver taking on a new role. He’s no longer their friend or their sounding board. Can you blame him? He made a deal with the devil and took a lot of heat for McNally. After a talk with Sam, Oliver seems a little less anxious and is reassured by Sam that McNally will appreciate what he has done for her soon enough. Who would have thought that Gail would have preferred the nice Andy to the mean Andy?

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