Teen Titans Go! Interviews: Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Tara Strong and More [Comic-Con 2014]

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Once again, the cast and creators of Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! traveled to Comic-Con to do a panel and Q&A for their fans. TV Equals, along with other reporters, got the chance to speak to the cast and creators behind the scenes about what it’s been like working on the series and what fans can look forward to on the show.

Teen Titans Go! is about a bunch of superhero roommates and what their lives are like behind the scenes when they are done saving the day. In recent episodes, the Titans have had adventures including Blackfire making a surprise visit to her sister, Beast Boy’s distress over a battle scar, and a smear campaign led by Robin against all the other Titans.

Check out our interviews to learn more about the making of the series, as well as a sneak peek into upcoming episodes.

Teen Titans Go! currently airs Thursdays at 6pm on Cartoon Network.

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