Teen Wolf Season 4 Review “Weaponized”

For a few brief, fleeting seconds, it was nice to see the Teen Wolf teens back in school doing normal teenager things like getting an education and thinking about their future. Of course, this is Beacon Hills, where we’ve learned that simple, everyday tasks, like going to school, can literally kill you. Before getting into the nitty gritty of the most recent traumatic event at Beacon Hills High School of Terrors, let me just get the WTH observations off my chest.

WTH Observation 1: I understand that Lydia is brilliant and can afford to skip a few things at school, but I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to turn a blind eye to her being off on her own while the rest of Scott’s pack is trying to get an education. Her mother’s involvement in last night’s storyline made her absence that much more noticeable. Minor issue, but I’m still struggling with the increased presence of Lydia’s mom after about two seasons of thinking that her parents were disconnected and clueless when it came to their daughter.

WTH Observation 2: Malia has no business taking the PSAT.

WTH Observation 3: I know that the PSAT can be taken at any point during high school, but back in my day, we took it during sophomore year. There’s no way these kids are sophomores, right? Nevermind. I’m not really looking for a serious answer to this question. I find the grade and age shenanigans pretty amusing.

Back To The Episode . . .

Shortly after the test gets underway, Sydney falls out of her chair and Lydia’s mom noticed that she had a strange rash on her arm. She then confirmed that the mysterious malady is what has Coach Finstock looking like he’s heading towards the white light.

Ultimately, the outbreak turns out to be sort of a good news/ bad news situation. The good news is that the mysterious disease was not small pox and would not cause any fatal harm to the humans. Good news for fans of Stiles. The bad news, however, is that the illness is fatal to the supernatural. Bad news for Scott and the rest of his pack. It was interesting to see how the illness effected the supernaturals in different ways. It actually made me that much more frustrated that Lydia was not at the high school with her friends. She is after all, supernatural, so it would have been interesting to see how the disease manifested in her.

Remember Me?

It was SO great not only to see Satomi again, but to see that she hasn’t lost her edge, despite her efforts to lead a peaceful life. However, I would strongly recommend that Satomi simply call Dr. Deaton if she wants to come in for a visit. Or, you know, maybe you meet him at the door and say “Hi, Dr. Deaton. My pack is being killed off and I need your help.” As much as I love being reminded that Dr. Deaton has a few bad ass tricks up his sleeve, the initial exchange between he and Satomi made absolutely no sense.

The Quarantine Away From The Quarantine.

After confirming that the pack was infected and needed to be secluded from the rest of their classmates, they decide that the Hale family vault is the safest place for them to go. Forget all about the boiler room, which was previously the go to place for corralling hard to tame supernaturals in previous seasons. Of course, the Hale family vault was a necessary solution because the writers needed to remind us that Malia is a Hale – as though we’d forget that. I digress.

Evidently, Talia Hale was a bit of a hoarder, as we eventually learn that some old tea in a mason jar in the Hale family vault can save the supernaturals from the disease. I am totally on board with the idea that the solutions to all of life’s problems are located in the Hale family vault. When I can’t find something, I’m just going to chalk it up to the Hale family vault. Can’t find my keys? Better check the vault. Maybe Danny is somewhere hiding in the vault – along with Cora.

Someone to Watch Over Me

While all hell broke loose at the school, Deaton, Melissa, Satomi and eventually Derek and Braeden combined forces to figure out what was happening to the supernaturals and how to stop the disease from killing off the entire not-so-human population.

It was cute to see Derek watching over Braeden with concern. And Braeden, girl, you’re no idiot. You know why Derek was still there. It’s because Derek is a good guy. Jeesh. Even if he didn’t have a bit of a crush on Braeden, Derek would have been concerned and it had nothing to do with his “investment” in her services.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was the exchange between Derek and Satomi. The Hales are clearly very important to Beacon Hills, so any revelation about their history is always welcome. To borrow from Game of Thrones, I think that there must always be a Hale in Beacon Hills, just like there must always be a Stark in Winterfell. I have no idea what that means in the grand scheme of things, but I’m always up for a mash up of my favorite shows so there you go.

My absolute favorite moment of the episode also involved Satomi and the clinic in bad assery she put on at the hospital. Scott could learn so much from Satomi about finding balance between being generally peaceful, but angry and bad ass when necessary. I hope that we haven’t seen the last of Satomi, as her involvement this season would not feel complete without some sort of interaction with Noshiko.

Other supernatural thoughts, observations and feels. . .

– Do they really shut off communication with the outside world when a place is quarantined?

– Malia’s relief that she was worth less than Scott on the deadpool list was pretty funny.

– I’d like to see Lydia more integrated with the pack. Also, isn’t it about time that we hear her acknowledge the fact that someone in her family was very likely a banshee? Lydia is way too smart and has spent too much time in the sound proof room not to have a clue yet.

– I liked Lydia’s moment of reflection with Meredith’s personal belongings. It was nice to see someone (other than that damn Kate) get some sort of moment of reflection or mourning on the show. I’ve begrudgingly accepted that there will be no memorial for Allison.

– The picture of Meredith was taken in Lydia’s lake house, right? Or did I just imagine that?

– I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Stiles still seems a bit off to me. I guess that is normal, considering everything he endured last season. Speaking of which . . .

– Stiles might officially be the new Lydia in terms of traumatic experiences. The creepy, horrible stuff between Lydia and Peter almost pales in comparison to Nogitsune possession, having a gun pointed at your head and getting a face full of blood thanks to a life saving head shot from Rafael. These kids need so much therapy.

– Was there any risk that the bullet that killed the evil teacher could have gone through and hit Stiles too? I know nothing about ballistics, but that seemed like such a risky shot to take.

– Exactly how does one rig a vault so that it can only be opened by a member of the Hale family?

– After much delay, Malia finally knows she’s a Hale.

– Although I’m still really confused about the depths of Scott’s strength as a True Alpha, I’m glad he got a chance to rally last night and muster the energy to help save everyone. I’m not necessarily anti-Stalia, but I’m glad that Scott was the one Stiles was calling out for as he banged at the door. That could have been for a number of reasons, including the assumption that Scott has True Alpha strength, but I’m always a fan of moments that remind us of the importance of their friendship.

– Dylan O’Brien’s acting in the scene where the teacher was holding the gun to his head was amazing.

– Minor detail, but I’d like to get some sense of Malia’s home life this season.

Until Next Moon Day!

In the past, Teen Wolf has done a great job at creating these types of “nightmare in Beacon Hills High School” episodes. Although I found “Weaponized” entertaining, it was hard to buy in to the full blown fright factor because I was never really afraid that anyone in Scott’s pack would be killed by the disease.

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