True Blood Season 7 Review “May Be The Last Time”

There is one thing that I’m clear on after last night’s episode of True Blood – the final season should have been a reduced episode order! Seriously. I’ve tried to be patient as the show revisited very familiar ground with the vigilantes, the threat of “bad” supernaturals and the reminder of Lettie Mae’s shortcomings as a mother. Last night’s episode, however, felt like filler and it feels like the writers had too many episodes and not enough content.

This week, the characters continued to struggle with their respective realities now that the town is no longer under the threat of vigilantes and blood thirsty hep vamps. As seen in the previous episode, that meant Bill facing his mortality as the veins on his body grow darker at an alarmingly fast pace. Jessica tried to make the most out of her final days with her maker and Sookie grappled with the guilt of not only losing her first love, but knowing she is the one that sealed his deadly fate. Pam and Eric continued their uneasy partnership with the Yakuza, as the group searched for Sarah Newlin and a cure to hep v. It’s amazing that Sarah manages to escape her captors, despite making the very unwise decision to go to all of the most obvious places to hide. As a fan, I’m looking to wrap things up and have closure, which makes the revenge plot with Violet, Adilyn and Wade feel out of place.

The flashbacks have also been hit or miss this season. The Pam and Eric flashbacks helped connect the Yokonomo corporation into the current storyline with Sarah Newlin. The Bill flashbacks, however, have not really paid off yet. It doesn’t mean that there won’t ultimately be a connection, but I’m not convinced that it will feel like time well spent. Along with the flashbacks, we also saw more familiar faces in this week’s episode. Hoyt returned home with his very attractive girlfriend, which was so disappointing after hearing Maxine note how hideous looking the girl was last season. Oh well. It was extremely frustrating to watch Jason struggle with his attraction to Hoyt’s girlfriend – again! Sure, Jason is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but his huge heart and his compassion are among his redeeming qualities. Jason’s connection to Jessica made sense because the two had chemistry, which was jettisoned by Jason drinking Jessica’s blood. After losing his best friend, it’s hard to believe that Jason would once again find himself lusting after another one of Hoyt’s girlfriends.

And then there’s Sookie. It’s been clear since the season premiere that the writers were looking to reconnect Bill and Sookie. It’s completely understandable that as Bill’s friend, his former lover and the one responsible for infecting Bill with hep v that Sookie would desperately want to save him. I can even get on board with Sookie wanting to comfort Bill and Jessica as his final moments draw closer. Having sex with Bill, however, is where I draw the line. Alcide’s been dead for maybe a few days, so the idea that Sookie is hopping in the sack with Bill already is ridiculous. I understand that Alcide may not have been the great love of Sookie’s life and that Bill’s hep v infection might create a sense of urgency, but none of that makes Sookie and Bill having sex right.

Although last night’s episode was by far the weakest of the season, it was not without a few good notes. It was great to see the always hilarious Dr. Ludwig again and it was nice to check in with Niall. I loved Sookie as the voice of the viewer as she wondered how Niall could let so much nonsense go on while he “watched over” the Stackhouse siblings. He should really give Jason a heads up about his crazy ex-girlfriend, but it looks like Niall is content to observe and not intervene. Oh well.

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