Ray Donovan Season 2 Review “S.U.C.K.”

If my life was as hectic as Ray Donovan‘s I’m certain I would die from some combination of exhaustion and stress after a few days of “fixing” issues. Fortunately for viewers, the fictional character has a much stronger constitution, as he juggles his competing personal and professional interests with aplomb.

As I suspected after watching their drunk flirting last week, Ray’s first appearance of the episode is on top of Kate. Ray is just way too easy. Unsurprisingly, the tryst is not enough to derail Kate’s goal of finding out what happened when Sully was killed. If even half of what she suspects is true, you’d think she would be a bit more reluctant to hop in the sack with Ray. How does Ray atone for his transgressions? By putting in an offer on Abby’s dream house. Of course!

Abby clearly took her exchange with her soon to be neighbor to heart, as she has now started enunciation lessons to take the edge off of her Boston accent. My heart sank for Abby as she tried to reward Ray’s dream house bid with some early morning shower sex. Left alone with her thoughts after having her advances rebuffed, I’m sure that Abby has some suspicions about where Ray was all night. It’s astounding that Ray still thinks that a bid on a dream home is enough to placate his wife. Between Bridget spending her evenings with Marvin Gaye Washington and Connor’s secret chats with the movie star, Ray’s family is a mess.

Admittedly, I am disappointed by some of the more expected dynamics on the show. I wish the writers would have reconsidered having Ray sleep with Kate or at least limit it to a single encounter. That aside, I love what the writers are doing with Abby as she becomes more and more unhinged. Although none of it will end well, I am enjoying her carefree parenting, voice lessons, target practice, flirting and her lashing out at her therapist during another patient’s therapy session.

Mickey isn’t faring any better with his family. He was content to pass on the opportunity to chat up Kate as long as he could go to the gym and spend time with his boys. Unfortunately for Mickey, his boys were not up for spending quality time with dad.

Poor Tiny. All the man wanted was a grocery store chicken and to return home to Boston without getting killed by someone at the request of Sully’s mother. The request proved to be a little too much and now poor Tiny is dead. At least he got his rotisserie chicken as a last meal. Frank could use a few lessons from Ray’s crew on how to “fix” a problem without it becoming a huge mess. It’s interesting to see just how far Cochran is willing to go to fix a situation. If Mickey keeps trying to reach out to Kate, he might find Frank knocking at his door too. As much as Ray Donovan centers on the relationship between Mickey and his sons, I’m intrigued by the conflict that would result from Frank killing Mickey at Cochran’s request. Although Ray tried offing Mickey last season, I don’t think he would appreciate someone else doing the deed.

Other Thoughts:

– It’s great to see Bunchy working at the bike shop. I want Bunchy to have nice things.

– Avi sharing the tidbit about his mom getting into a fight with her bridge partner and as a result calling him 5 times a day was pretty funny.

– I’ll never look at another game of Scrabble the same way again.

– If Kate isn’t careful, she too might get a visit from Frank or maybe even Abby.

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