Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Embassy Row”

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 6 Embassy Row (3)

Annie’s Paris adventure continued in “Embassy Row,” and this time we got Ryan McQuaid with her! I was expecting him to be out of the picture this week again. Nope! In fact, I was quite shocked when Annie and Ivan (Marton Csokas) almost literally ran into him at the Russian Embassy. Of course with McQuaid involved it became quite clear that Annie’s game with Ivan wasn’t going to last and he would have to step in. Thankfully he did or Annie would be on her way to Russia now to be interrogated. And since Ivan wasn’t killed by McQuaid’s gunfire he’s now the person who has some explaining to do. Top priority question: his he involved with the mole at McQuaid’s company? Answer: probably.

Other top priority question: is Hayley untrustworthy? I’m grudgingly having to lean towards ‘no’ on this one at the moment. Her entrance on Covert Affairs automatically made me think ‘bad guy in disguise,’ but now it seems she will be more of just an obstacle instead. This meaning she has good intentions but obviously doesn’t understand the whole picture about Annie. And poor Auggie couldn’t break up with her since she’s sniffing around his best friend now. As with last week, I felt a pang of sympathy towards Hayley. If she is just doing her job, she’s getting a raw deal. I also understand Natasha’s frustration with her whole situation, but she came across quite petty and annoying this episode. Where’s the girl I liked so much from Season 1? Granted that sentence could also apply Anne Dudek (come back Danielle)!

More Thoughts After Going Back for My Christian Louboutin:

– As mentioned above, McQuaid revealed to Annie that he’s discovered a mole in his company selling information. In his hour alone with Borz in Venezuela, he hoped to gain information from the terrorist on who the person could be. Jeez, one mole (The Postman) gets dealt with only for another to appear. The one person of note we’ve met working for McQuaid is Perrey Reeves’ Caitlyn which automatically makes her suspicious (and already has been in my book because of how forward she’s acted with Arthur).

– Oh, Arthur, you really thought you could keep your skirmish in the Middle East a secret from Joan? She’s a smart lady. And she has Auggie at her disposal.

– For a moment I thought Calder was going to finally drop his lady friend, Stephanie. Unfortunately that did not happen. Dude, that whole affair is going to bite you in the ass. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is discovered/fired and Joan receives his job (like she was supposed to originally).

– Outfit that I want to steal from Annie: her blue blazer and hot pink heels