Teen Wolf Season 4 Review “Orphaned”

I no longer have any idea of what is happening on Teen Wolf. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s more of a reflection on my concern for the characters that I like and my impatience with being unclear as to who all of the “bad guys” are this season.

The last few cold opens we’ve seen this season have been excellent. As much as I love to hate Kate Argent, this week’s cold opening featuring the huntress/shifter had a great balance of creepiness and mayhem. It was beautifully shot and looked more like a movie than an hour-long show on MTV. Indeed, when Kate is around, extreme violence is inevitable – particularly when she’s got a pair of bezerkers doing her bidding. It looks like Scott’s pack isn’t alone in their hunt for The Benefactor.


We picked up immediately after Violet’s failed attempt to kill Scott. Does anyone know what Rafael McCall is up to these days? I know he’s an agent with the FBI, but I got the impression he was on special assignment in Beacon Hills and resided elsewhere. I suppose he could have returned home and that location might not be far from Beacon Hills. Regardless of where and how he spends his days, it is clear that he keeps on top of crime in the Beacon Hills area, as he was familiar with the orphans who had killed at least 12 people. Damn, Violet and Garrett! I liked the little dig he took at Violet. Sounds like she had a sad life, but that’s no justification for becoming a contract killer.

While Scott and Liam stayed at the high school, Derek and Stiles took Brett to Dr. Deaton, who saved his life. Peter emerged from the shadows in the nick of time to help Derek and Stiles subdue Brett, while picking up some interesting information about him – Brett is a member of Satomi’s pack. In fact, all of the wolves we’ve seen targeted and killed appear to be from Satomi’s pack. Fellow Teen Wolf fan and TV Equals reader, chrisjozo, was right!

Not ready to go down without a fight, Garrett got some inspiration from the movie The Ring and placed Liam in a well. This allows Garrett to force Scott to help him take down the truck transporting Violet into custody. There was also the matter of the money Scott found in Garrett’s locker that he wanted back as well.

Family Reunions

While Scott was tied up with Garrett, Stiles accompanied Lydia to the sheriff’s station to find Parrish and Derek decided to get a little help from his family so that he could find Satomi and warn her about the dead pool. Based on what we’ve seen, Derek and Malia have no idea that that they are related, although I guess there’s a chance that Peter shared that information with him. Who knows. I really hope we don’t have to wait too much longer until this secret is revealed.

I’m always up for a scene with Derek in the mentor/teacher role, but it was also a sad reminder that Derek is becoming more human by the day. The scene also allowed the writers to indulge in some necessary exposition about Satomi and her pack. The Hale family adventure continues as Malia and Derek headed East to find the place where Buddhists hide.

The Hales were not the only family reuniting in last night’s episode. Violet’s transfer goes awry thanks to Kate and her bezerkers, who wanted to do their own interrogation of the deadly teen. Garrett foolishly gets into fisticuffs with the bezerkers and quickly finds himself on the receiving end of a huge claw in his midsection. Scott also finds himself on the business end of the bezerker’s claw, but he’s saved by Dr. Deaton and Chris.

Question/Observation: I wonder how much Rafael saw before he was knocked out. This could end up being like the Oni attack on the McCall house where Rafael is conveniently unconscious while all sorts of supernatural hell breaks loose.

Using the scent from the beserker claw, Scott and Chris find Kate and her pets hiding away at an old Argent family warehouse. Although I really want the siblings to have a calm, rational conversation about Kate’s complete deviation from the code, it was good to at least see the two come face to face. Based on his last few battles, you’d think Scott was losing his abilities instead of Derek. I don’t think we saw his eyes even change colors during his fight with the beserkers. I am waiting with bated breath for the moment when Scott let’s go and fully gives in to his werewolf urges in a battle.

Question/Observation: I loved the moment with Scott and Liam, but I’m still unclear on why Scott couldn’t pick up Liam’s scent. Was it because he was in water? Not a big deal, but a bit confusing.

An Unholy Union

Back to Kate, it looks like she wants to gain control of her abilities so that she can rejoin the family business. Enter Peter Hale, who is willing to teach Kate how to control her shifting in exchange for power , cookies and an infinite supply of v-neck sweaters. I cannot think of a more deadly pairing than Kate and Peter and I would be shocked if both of them walk away from this unholy union alive. I’m most worried about Derek, who has repeatedly been a victim of their manipulations.

Disturbing Revelations

Poor Meredith. She wanted to help, but it looks like The Benefactor is a pretty intimidating figure. Meredith’s death and the way she died was heartbreaking. All was not lost, as Stiles helped Lydia tap into her powers and identify the last name for the cipher key – Derek. Ugh. I hope this is a HUGE red herring.

Unsurprisingly, Malia and Liam were on the last third of the dead pool list. Liam’s only been a werewolf for a few days, so I’m curious to know who this person is so that I can piece together how The Benefactor had such quick access to information about the newest addition to the supernatural ranks of Beacon Hills.

Based on the carnage that Malia and Derek found, it looks like the humans may have something to worry about as well. Braeden was barely alive and based on the previews for next week, I think Coach Finstock might have something more than a common cold.

Until Next Moon Day!

Orphaned was a pretty good episode. It was fast-paced and at times, almost dizzying with all of the events unfolding. Although they addressed Kira’s absence, it still felt odd not to have her around. With the references to Satomi and Nashiko’s name on the deadpool list, I hope these two come face to face soon as well. The money issues continue to play a central role this season. I’m really interested to see how this plays into the larger Benefactor storyline.

What is Parrish????

I find Peter’s omission from the list very curious.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? Sound off below and I’ll see you next Moon Day!