True Blood Season 7 Review “Karma”

On this week’s episode of True Blood, we finally found the residents of Bon Temps settling back into some semblance of normal life now that the threat of vigilantes and hep v is behind them. Unfortunately for some characters, getting back to reality also meant they finally had time to face their troubles. Let’s review . . .


After her outburst at last week’s celebration of life party, it came as no surprise that Nicole has had her fill of Bon Temps and all of its shenanigans. I guess motherhood has made her a bit more cautious. This is, after all, the same character who came riding into town likening her battle for shifters’ rights to the struggle for Civil Rights. Seems like a good time for an epic Tina Fey eyeroll.

I like Sam, I don’t like Nicole. Hearing Sam say that he felt safest in Bon Temps was such an unintentionally hilarious moment. I guess Sam has forgotten the maenad, his parents, the vigilantes and all the other near death experiences he’s had since moving to Bon Temps. With the series ending, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Sam ride off into the sunset with Nicole. It doesn’t feel like there’s much left for the character to do.

The Stackhouses, The Comptons and Violet

In the final moments of last week’s episode, it was revealed that Bill was infected with Hep V. It was pretty clear that Sookie had to have been the one to infect him, as that’s the last meal we’d seen him have before all hell broke loose at Fangtasia.

Faced with his mortality, Bill tried to get his affairs in order. He had way more patience with the shady attorney than I would have ever had. Although I didn’t care for Nicole’s pseudo Civil Rights crusade last season, there are other moments when True Blood does a pretty good job at making commentary about how difficult it is when you are part of a group in society that has not been afforded equal rights. I found Bill’s struggle to settle his affairs both frustrating and heartbreaking.

Jessica also struggled with the reality that she would soon lose her maker. In need of comfort, she reached out to Jason and asked him to track down Sookie and give her the news. I’m guessing Sookie hasn’t had an opportunity to get a new cell phone yet. As soon as Jason shared the news, Sookie knew that she was likely the source of Bill’s hep v outbreak. The scene a few weeks ago when everyone made a big fuss over Sookie being exposed to the guts of the hep vamps now makes a bit more sense, as I’m guessing that’s when Sookie caught the virus.

Sookie is understandably horrified by the idea that she’s transmitted the virus to her friend, protector and first love. Jason/Sookie scenes are always my favorite, so it was nice to see the two there for each other. Looming over all of these bittersweet moments was a rage-filled, jealousy-ridden dark cloud by the name of Violet. I was surprised that Violet chose seduction over anger as her initial response to Jason’s infidelity. After hearing Jason rush to be by Jessica’s side, Violet got the message and decided to take her revenge out on poor little Adilyn and Wade.

House Bellefleur

Speaking of the Bellefleurs, Holly and Andy are newly engaged and acting like a bitter couple on the brink of divorce. The two clearly don’t know each other very well and the situation is exacerbated by the presence of two horny teens under their roof. You’d think that as large as the Bellefleur house is, Adilyn and Wade could find somewhere a bit more discreet to fool around.

Fort Bellefleur initially seemed like a really good idea for the two to go hide away, until Violet showed up. I hope Andy and Holly get there in time. I understand how hurting Adilyn is Violet’s attempt to hurt Jessica, but Violet never struck me as the indirect revenge type of girl. Why not focus the rage on the appropriate person – Jason?

Arlene is giving Pam and LaLa a run for their money in terms of likeability this season. After nearly dying and having her first experience with V, Arlene has become very zen and I love it.

I (Still ) See Dead People

Speaking of LaLa, it looks like Lettie Mae told him about drugging her husband and he dragged her over to his house for an intervention. Here’s what I don’t get about Lettie Mae’s quest to contact Tara, why do you need V when you’ve got LaLa? It looked like we were so close to finally getting to the point of these Tara visions and then the reverend had to come and break it up. I’m all for more LaLa and James, but I really wish this Lettie Mae stuff would wrap up soon.

The Northmans Do Dallas

Once again, Sarah Newlin escaped the grips of death – literally – because Eric got sidetracked by a decades-old grudge against the Yakuza. Alone and desperate, Sarah returned to her sister and revealed that the hep v cure is in her blood because she drank it when all hell broke loose at the True Blood factory. I understand that drinking the cure creates more drama, but Sarah could have easily just have poured the cure out. Those gripes aside, I’m interested in seeing what Pam and Eric decide to do once they finally catch up with Sarah. Will they heal Eric and suck her dry or will they heal Eric and then turn Sarah over to the Yakuza so that hopefully a cure can be created for everyone who is infected (read: Bill).

Until next week!

Despite my frustrations with the Lettie Mae stuff, everything after the vigilantes and the hep vamp mayhem feels like a breath of fresh air. I’m interested to see what Pam and Eric do next and hope we won’t have to wait too long into next week’s episode to find out. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!