Comic Con 2014 TV Buzz (Part 1): ‘Vikings’ Charges Towards Season 3, ‘Teen Wolf’ Midseason 4 Trailer and More

Comic Con 2014 is in full swing and if you were not able to make the big event (or are having too much fun on the floor to keep up with all the TV trailers and previews being released) then let TV Equals be your guide during this geektastic event. This is the first (but not the last) special Comic Con edition of TV Buzz. We have a special teaser for Vikings season three, a midseason Teen Wolf trailer that will blow your mind and much more.

Check it all out below and may the TV goodness be with you this weekend.

‘Vikings’ Season 3 Sets Sail

“I see life splitting, joining and struggling.”

Man, you do not want to wake up a seer unless you want an apocalyptic prophecy.

The Vikings season three trailer is a violent affair, teasing a battle with three sides and Ragnor chilling on a boat covered in severed heads. Dark imagery is the defining characteristic of this trailer which emphasizes battles and brutality. Season three won’t make land until 2015 on History, but the new season will definitely not waste time in bringing the bloody shocks we have come to expect from the series.

USA Miniseries ‘Dig’ Gets Exciting New Trailer

Who is up for a conspiracy thriller starring Anne Heche and Jason Isaacs?

Dig‘s full-length trailer is a mix of The Da Vinci Code style tropes: mysterious, possibly religious artifact, American action hero (this timed played by an esteemed British actor) rushes around foreign locales, a conspiracy that dates back 2,000 years– you know the drill. While precious little is fresh in Dig‘s trailer, the miniseries has a good cast and lush scenery going for it. I am not expecting groundbreaking television, but when Dig premieres this Fall on USA it might be a fun diversion.

‘Teen Wolf’ Midseason 4 Trailer: Is Derek a Goner?

There is a lot going down in the Teen Wolf midseason four trailer, from epic battles for survival to Scott meeting his maker, but can we just talk about Derek for a second? The sexy werewolf has been slowly losing his powers, and while he keeps up the good fight throughout the trailer, by the end he is not looking very lively. Would Teen Wolf really kill off the fan favorite?

Teen Wolf season four airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

Prepare Yourselves For ‘Bones’ Season 10

Those of you planning to eat within the next hour may want to check out this trailer later, everyone else can watch it out above now (and if you watched the trailer before reading my warning…well, that is your fault). Okay, so the Bones season 10 trailer goes from boppy fun to intense at whiplash inducing speed. Prepare yourselves Booth and Brennan fans– Booth is in the clink at the start of the season, and he is not staying out of trouble. If seeing Booth in prison orange does not break your heart, nothing will.

Bones season 10 premieres September 25th on Fox.

‘Bates Motel’ Super Secret Audition Tapes

Ever wonder how Nestor Carbonell, Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot and Olivia Cooke got their Bates Motel gigs?

Well, keep wondering because the Comic Con video above does not reveal the answer, instead it offers a hilarious bit of comedy from the cast of one of TV’s most serious shows. Carbonell steals the video the moment he opens up his jacket to reveal an “I Was On Lost” t-shirt, but Highmore pretending to be Spiderman and everything Farmiga does from confessing to not being a screamer to her spazzy dance moves is golden.

Bates Motel season three will premiere Spring 2015 on A&E.


I hope you enjoyed our first Comic Con TV Buzz. Stay tuned for more editions to roll out this weekend as more trailers appear. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the first batch of previews in the comments!

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