Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Review “Knockout”

Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 6 Knockout (1)

On the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles,” we saw how change for the better sometimes isn’t always a good thing- at least in some people’s eyes, in “Knockout.” The episode told the story of Judith, a woman who, after having been overweight and going unnoticed all her life, finally chose to do something about it, and joined a boxing workout outfit called “Tough Broad,” getting into the best shape of her life at the ripe age of 40. People noticed…and so did her husband, and not in a good way, as we eventually discovered.

This was a quirky one, between the oddball method of execution adopted by the jealous hubby and Chang’s “die-o-ramas” and “fruitopsies” and Isles’ wild vacation getaway at the M.E. convention, complete with “autopsy jeopardy” and “Dr. Pecker”! Not to mention Korsak making like Art Garfunkel to his former singing partner’s grandson’s Paul Simon! (How about that old-school pic we saw of him in folkie mode?! Worth the price of admission for this episode alone, IMHO.) Then there was the creepy sub-M.E. with the tuft of neck hair- eep!

Anyway, so it turned out that the husband, a dentist named Alan, drugged a patient for his alibi, snuck out to his house to get there before the handyman he was framing for the crime got there and then proceeded to shoot his wife with a bullet made of dental plaster so that it would disintegrate within the body. Then he continued, with his now fierce, fit wife subdued, to stab her with the handyman’s knife, which had his initials on it and also helped to cover up the bullet wound and later dumped it near the house so as to be found without much trouble, which it was.

He would have gotten away with it, as the cops couldn’t truly prove any of this, but for one mistake: he wore a hazmat-type suit during the crime to keep blood off of himself, and used his father’s gun to commit the first part of the crime. However, where were these items? After Frankie videoed himself running the route that Alan would have likely taken to kill his wife and go back to his office before his assistant got there, Rizzoli realized he didn’t have time or much opportunity to get rid of these items, and if he had dumped them, the cops would have likely found them. Then she noticed a dump box for a courier and realized that Alan had mailed the damning items to himself after committing the crime!

So, faster than you can say Federal Express, they had contacted the company handling the mail in question and arrived to intercept the box and see that it was indeed the case. Busted! What a nutty episode. I mean, most guys would be thrilled if their wives got into fighting shape- in this case, literally- but not this Alan guy. What a tool. I mean, I suppose there’s something to be said for accepting people for what they are, but still, to kill them when they try to improve themselves? Pretty harsh.

I really loved the wacky touches throughout this episode. The “die-o-ramas” Chang constructed were…well, to die for, although it was a little disturbing to discover she had used them to express herself to others, presumably including the men she was dating. They must have wondered if they were dating that “Miniature Killer” from “CSI” from a few years back! The bit with the one she constructed of Rizzoli & Isles was priceless: “objects in the die-o-rama appear bigger than they are,” indeed! (“Hers!” exclaimed Rizzoli, noting the impressive rack given to the Isles’ figure- although Chang ain’t never lied, folks. Isles’ physique is nothing if not impressive- or Rizzoli’s legs, for that matter. Just saying.)

It was also priceless watching Isles deal with crazed partygoers in her room. Loved the look on her face when Rizzoli asked her if she was a “party person”- not so much! Also, what the hell was up with that pin-the-tail on the body outline on the wall? Those wacky M.E.s! It was also amusing to see Isles monitoring Chang with an iron fist via Skype (and her working around it with Rizzoli’s help), and to see Chang embrace her inner diorama-making weirdo self. All in all, a fun episode, if a bit sad underneath the surface, given the main crime at hand and the bittersweet stuff with Korsak.

What did you think about “Rizzoli & Isles” this week? Did you get a kick out of “party” Isles? How about Korsak busting out a tune? Do you wish Change would make you a personal “die-o-rama”? What the what is a “Dr. Pecker”? Or “autopsy jeopardy”? Wild, weird stuff, writers. Keep up the good work. Leave your comments below and see you next week!