Teen Wolf Season 4 Review “I.E.D.”

Previously on Teen Wolf, Coach Finstock recruited Kira for the lacrosse team, Scott made a beta out of a human with serious anger issues and Violet and Garrett strengthened the bonds of their relationship by participating in their favorite hobby – murdering supernaturals on the Benefactor’s drop list for pay.

This episode kicked off with a great Teen Wolf-like cold open that even managed to teach a very important lesson – don’t get into cars with strangers.

Speaking of other Teen Wolf staples, with several new murders in Beacon Hills, Stiles was able to set up a new and improved murder mystery board. I love a good dry erase board situation. In a move that is not so Teen Wolf-like, we saw much more information sharing and collaboration right from the start. This is a refreshing change and let’s not forget that there are still a few huge secrets still looming over Scott’s pack – including Malia not knowing that Peter is her biological father.

Thanks to her banshee intuition and the “Allison” cypher key, the pack had 1/3 of the list of supernaturals targeted by the mysterious Benefactor. Pairing up Malia and Lydia allowed for some great character moments in this week’s episode. I hate to be that fan, but I genuinely enjoy Malia when she’s paired up with just about anyone other than Stiles. The chemistry between the actors is certainly there, but the foundation of this pairing is still hard for me to look past.

Game Plans

As a new school day began, we found the characters all working on their respective game plans:

– Violet and Garrett invested in a rare, expensive form of wolfs bane, as they planned to target more lucrative supernaturals on the drop list.

– Malia went all hover copter on Lydia, as the latter tried to unlock the code for the final two-thirds of the Benefactor’s list. The moments with Lydia were a much better demonstration of Kira balancing her were-ways with her human ways as she did her best to support Lydia. Malia made several great calls – including the suggestion about Meredith and pointing out that the numbers provided by Meredith were a code. It is much more enjoyable to see Malia in these settings, as opposed to watching her struggle with a math problem. I love the choice by the writers to have Malia stay by Lydia’s side, instead of having her play cheerleader at the lacrosse game.

– With their first scrimmage coming up, Kira and Liam dealt with very different forms of pre-game jitters. Liam struggled with facing his old school and former teammates, as well as the shame of destroying his coach’s car. Kira was still preoccupied with her relationship with Scott, playing alongside him on the field and answering the questions of her understandably concerned father. I can’t believe her father dropped the conversation about the dead pool so easily. I suspect the Yukimuras will need to have a family meeting soon, as two-thirds of the family is now in serious danger.

– Back to Liam, Scott and Stiles were not doing a very good job at coming up with a game plan to prevent the new Beta – who happens to be a human I.E.D. – from completely losing it at the lacrosse scrimmage. Scott continued to seek advice from his community of supernatural mentors, this time seeking counsel from Derek. Although I will never not be creeped out by Derek just randomly roaming around the grounds of Beacon Hills High, I enjoyed the moment he shared with Scott. Both Derek and Peter know a thing or two about balancing anger and supernatural urges, so it’s nice to see Scott seeking help instead of suffering alone. Although I understand that Stiles wants to help Scott, he really has no business trying to help Scott tame Liam.

The Brett/Liam rivalry was never fully realized on the field thanks to Garret’s wolfs bane stick of death, which he used on Brett. In one of my favorite scenes of the night – maybe my favorite scene since Scott first “rose” to True Alpha status – we saw stupid, greedy, homicidal Violet ignore Garrett’s warning and foolishly try to use her thermowire on Scott. Wrong move, Violet. Watching Scott yank away that wire like it was a piece of silly string brought me unspeakable amounts of joy. That was only outdone by the image of Scott knocking her out. The only thing that would have made the scene better would have been Scott going all Peter Hale on that ass, but we know that True Alpha Scott will not kill. So boring, but I’ll respect the rules – for now.

And Violet, you’re dead to me.

Mind Your Business

You know, I think I’ve reached the end of my patience with the meddling Calaveras. Leave Christopher alone! How dare they meddle in the supernatural affairs of Beacon Hills and have the audacity to invoke the names of Victoria and Allison?!?! The Calaveras are looking for Kate. Kate is still alive, on the loose and killing people because the Calaveras dropped the ball. It’s amazing that in the face of so many mistakes, the Calaveras have so much time on their hands to tell other people what they’re doing wrong.

Further, lest we not forget that the Calaveras hired Braeden because their efforts to hunt and recapture Kate were unsuccessful and costing them manpower. Again, in the face of such incompetence, the Calaveras have no business meddling. Go home, Araya.

Power Outage

With the loss of his blue eyes and the questionable smelling ability seen last week, it no surprise to learn that Derek is losing his were powers. As a fan of Tyler Hoechlin on the show and a fan of Derek as a character, I am thrilled about this storyline. It has a lot of potential and I’m really looking forward to watching this unfold this season. My only nitpick, and it’s a minor one, is that Derek’s predicament came at the hands of freaking Kate!!! Must this horrible woman take everything from Derek? It’s possible that Kate is not working alone, but I hate that she has any involvement at all. I suppose the bright side of Kate’s return is that it created a pretty good reason for Chris to be in Beacon Hills after so much personal loss. Ugh. I just hate Kate. Moving on . . .

Other supernatural thoughts, observations and feels. . .

– We’ve seen Derek winning fights, sharing wisdom and this week we got a smile. Do I need to start a prayer circle for Derek? Please don’t let these good character moments be part of some grand finale for the character this season.

– I’m calling revisionist shenanigans on the Teen Wolf writers. Garrett told Violet that an entire pack of Alphas came after Scott and he was the last one standing. Maybe I’m not recalling 3A correctly, but I’m pretty sure it was Derek getting his ass beat week after week by the Demon Wolf’s bloodthirsty pack. It was the Demon Wolf’s desire to have Scott as a friend instead of foe that kept the physical attacks against Scott at a minimum. Scott’s impressive feat of moving through a mountain ash barrier, was at the hands of Darachifer. Granted, nothing we’ve learned about Garrett would suggest that he would have access to any of this information, but it still felt like an odd line to have him say.


– Although Mason was touted as “Danny 2.0,” I appreciate the writers having him more engaged with the storyline – so far. His friendship with Liam does remind me a bit of Danny and Jackson. Hopefully the writers will develop both characters equally and not relegate Mason to the role of occasional commentator.

– Sweet, precious, beautiful, eternally youthful Parrish has a first name and is on the Benefactor’s list, which means he’s supernatural. Kinda wish Lydia would have channeled her Oda Mae Brown from Ghosts and said, “Parrish, you in danger boy.” Oh well.

– Halgent, Halgent, Halgent!!!! Derek and Chris working together, rocking the beards and v-necks was everything I could have ever hoped for in this episode. More of this please. And Chris, the only place you need to take Kate is straight to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Send that ass to hell where she belongs! And may she never return!

– Coach has never been the most politically correct character on Teen Wolf, but I was really annoyed when he benched Kira for scoring instead of passing. Somehow, I don’t think he would have made the same call if Scott or Liam scored instead of passed.

– The actress that plays Meredith is amazing.

– The pack that Violet and Garrett were targeting must be pretty crappy. Garrett and Violet collectively weigh about 80 pounds dripping wet. Those two tiny, punk ass kids shouldn’t be able to take out supernaturals as strong as werewolves so easily – even if they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

– Derek smiling at Scott was a kick right in the feels. Loved that moment.

– Lot’s more callbacks to season 1 scenes again this week. I’m okay with this as long as it’s done sparingly.

FINALLY, which name do you think will unlock the last 1/3 of the Benefactor’s list? The first two appear connected to Lydia, who was probably the only person in Beacon Hills who gave a crap about Aiden (outside of Ethan).

Until Next Moon Day!

What a great episode of Teen Wolf! This episode did a good job at returning to the old things that have worked for the show and introducing new twists. I am SO jealous of everyone going to Comic-Con this weekend. You guys will get the first look at Monday’s new episode, which I personally cannot wait for.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!