Murder in the First Season 1 Review “Suck My Alibi”

Murder in the First (TNT) episode 7 Suck My Alibi (3)

In the latest episode of “Murder in the First,” the trial continued, with the defense trying to lay blame anywhere but on the defendant, Erich Blunt, in the amusingly-titled “Suck My Alibi.” The offense and police department weren’t much better. Over the course of the episode, the finger was pointed at Blunt’s pilot Wilkerson and his wife, Blunt’s assistant Ivana West, and, of course, at the late Mark Strauss, who the defense was a little too convinced had a suicide note that confessed his crimes.

There was, of course, a reason for that, as it turned out the “suicide” was actually an accidental overdose and that West had, in fact, planted the note on the computer, and she might have gotten away with it, but the internet was down at Strauss’ place, so she couldn’t send it out directly from Strauss’ computer as planned. She also shouldn’t’ve used a certain word in said email- see what I did there?

Lucky for her, then, that the detectives on the case needed to prove that the “suicide note” was a fake more than they needed to put West in jail, which eventually resulted in her confessing the truth with impunity, which means she didn’t actually get in trouble for it. That was pretty cold-blooded when she asked if Terry wanted to know if she killed Cindy and he refused, knowing that she’d get off scot-free if she had.

I’d like to think that she was just messing with him, and didn’t actually do it, but she certainly came off as capable of it, admitting that she had initially planned to sleep with him in order to better frame Strauss, but he’d been in such poor shape she didn’t have to- the overdose was simply a happy twist of fate, in other words, with the internet thing being a not-so-happy one for her.

Though, in the end, she got away with it, right? I’m not sure about this whole “truth with impunity” thing, but the fact that they tried to distance the DA from it tells me Terry knew it wasn’t exactly on the up-and-up anyway. I guess he figured, better they know that it was fake so that they could bury the “suicide note,” rather than lose the case against Blunt because of it.

Meanwhile, the detectives also went after Wilkerson- directly after he got a bit hammered in court by Daniels, no less (though, to be fair, he did call Blunt “cold” for his reaction to finding out about Cindy’s death, which doesn’t exactly qualify as having his back) – which led him to not only confirm his alibi via video, courtesy of security man Salter, but to utter the hilarious title: “Suck my alibi.” Love it!

Oddly, though, Wilkerson’s wife confirmed his alibi as well, which you might think she wouldn’t after he not only punched her, but admitted it in court the day before. Faring even worse was Hannah Harkins, who talked about how Blunt paid her off not to report the fact that he drugged and raped her. That was a pretty harsh thing to watch, and I really felt bad for the poor girl. There’s no doubt in my mind that Blunt did that, even if I stop short of thinking he actually murdered anyone. What an ass.

Faring better was Hildy, who was solid as a rock in court, despite Daniels’ constant baiting. Even the whole kissing Blunt for DNA thing was handled well on her end, with her remaining unapologetic. Given Blunt’s reaction, I’m guessing he knows that follow-up date will not be forthcoming. What I liked about this is that all this seemingly-extraneous stuff with the kid and his mother and the lawyer trying to sue her all came back into play, showing that there really was a reason for it, something that was also true of Terry’s actions as well, like manhandling that suspect and getting into a fight with Hildy’s ex.

I don’t mind stuff like that if there’s a point to it, and so far, there has been a point for nearly everything they’ve shown, and I’ve no doubt if they haven’t made a point for something like that- which is to say, something that seemed pointless at the time- they will eventually. This really does seem to be a well plotted-out show. I mean, being as how the entire season mostly deals with one case (or two, if you want to include the tangential death of Blunt’s biological father), one would hope it would be, but you never know. This would hardly be the first show to get sloppy with the details about something.

Granted, I don’t claim to truly know the ins and outs of the police and legal system but I’ve certainly seen my fair share of cop and lawyer shows, not to mention forensics-based shows. That might not qualify me as an expert, obviously, but I’m not completely in the dark about these things either, and, at the very least, nothing that’s happened strikes me a completely implausible, at least on the surface.

So, only three episodes left, and next week, it looks like Blunt will take the stand after all, so that should be interesting. Can’t wait to see the prosecution tear him a new one! What did you think of “Murder in the First” this week? Do you think you know who did it? Did West actually kill Cindy? Or did Wilkerson, which is why Blunt “has his back”? What do you think will happen next? Make your predictions below and see you in court next week!