Major Crimes Season 1 Review “Two Options”

Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 2 False Pretenses (3)

On the latest action-packed episode of “Major Crimes,” the show kicked into overdrive with a complex, well-plotted story of a kidnapping in “Two Options.” It all kicked off with the intensely-shot opening sequence, in which two cops in the area of a shooting responded and we saw things through their eyes, near-literally, as they had cameras mounted on them filming it all, and we alternated between their POV and an outside one. Inside, they discovered the bodies of an elderly couple, shot dead on the floor. Shortly thereafter, the team arrived and it was discovered that two kids were present and were officially missing.

From then on, the hunt was on, and the show really upped the ante on this one, with flashy new equipment and a wall of television screen and GPS tracking and who knows what all else. Buzz was clearly on Cloud Nine, and Tao was right there with him. They looked like kids on Christmas morning or children who found a puppy: Can we keep it, mom? Can we?

Captain Raydor was a little more dubious, but there was no denying that the new stuff got results, from helping to coordinate a super-complex, multi-faceted sting operation to the final takedown of the main bad guy’s apartment at the end. There was our team, the FBI’s team, the SWAT team, even helicopters armed with non-lethal stuff to fire into the window of the apartment as a distraction when the teams all came crashing in. It was all pretty awesome, I must say. This might well be the most exciting episode the show has ever done, at least that I can remember.

As a bonus, we also got “Walking Dead” and “The Shield”-vet Laurie Holden as the tough, smart cop who led up the SWAT team and general coordination of the effort. She really knocked the role out of the park, which should go over like gangbusters to those of us who thought she was a bit underutilized- or underwritten, at least- on “Dead.” I wouldn’t mind it at all if the character came back on down the line, or even if she became a semi-regular. It seems like they’re headed in that direction with Fritz for sure, which would be cool as well. (Maybe Brenda could even crop up again- fingers crossed!)

Less welcome was Lindsay Price as the new deputy city attorney, Gloria Lim, who I assume is taking the place of the sadly-departed Nadine Velazquez, of “My Name is Earl” fame. (Though the show’s loss was our gain, at least in the movie “Flight”- those of you who saw that will know what I mean.) It’s not that I mind Price per se- I’ve seen her on quite a few short-lived TV shows over the years (i.e. “Eastwick,” “Pepper Dennis,” both with Rebecca Romijn), and I actually don’t mind her, all things considered- it’s just that her character is so shrill and so obviously hiss-able that it seems a little ridiculous.

To be fair, I seem to recall them doing the same thing with Velazquez, before softening her up later on, much like they did with Raydor herself, as “Major Crimes” transitioned out of “The Closer.” So, chances are, they’ll do the same thing here, but Lim was so overtly nasty to everyone that it was almost cartoonish, and to me, the only negative thing in an otherwise first-rate episode. Once again, not hating on Price here, just pointing out that the writers dropped the ball on that character a bit, IMHO. Hopefully, she will become more fully-realized in time- if they decide to keep her around, that is.

I have no complaints whatsoever, beyond that. This was a classic episode of the show, and one of the best they’ve ever done, period. The action was pulse-pounding and the intensity level rarely let up. Oh, and thanks for not killing off Sanchez! That would have sucked, as the show needs a hot-head to get things done when called for, and the team would suffer for it without him.

I sort of dread them going there, which you just know the show will someday, given how it’s all the rage to kill characters off these days. Just ask Laurie Holden. I’m hard-pressed to say who I would miss most, but certainly losing Provenza would suck- as would Flynn to a slightly-lesser extent, because of the excellent dynamic between them.

What did you think of “Major Crimes” this week? Did you appreciate the new characters or do you hope they won’t be back? What did you think of all the nifty equipment? Do you think the team will get to keep some of the stuff? How about the way the show was plotted? Or shot? Storm the comments section down below, and we’ll see you next week!