Longmire Season 3 Review “Harvest”

Longmire Season 3 Episode 8 Harvest 7

Walt is back on the beat after last week’s shoot out. There’s a body on a farm and a messy land eviction behind it. Vic and Sean decide that avoidance is the best way to handle their recent abduction, which no doubt will be wonderful for their relationship.

The tension is rising between Vic and Branch. Vic learns that Branch broke into her house and looked on her laptop. When Branch tries to intimate her, Vic stands up to him and tells him to get the hell out of her face. I kind of wanted to clap. Branch is so out of control and to try and push things with Vic after her recent trauma was pathetic. It was so great that Vic puts him in his place.

Cady goes to Branch for help with Henry’s investigation. Branch is unwilling to give her more money, but does offer his services. As Cady was sitting across from Branch, I just kept wondering if she is blind. She dated the man for long enough that she should be able to see the drastic change in his appearance and manner.

Of course, Branch isn’t helping Cady out of the goodness of his heart. He goes with her to Denver and starts flashing a picture of David Ridges. It turns out Ridges is in the bar, though Branch doesn’t realize that until it’s too late. He goes crazy, ‘cause he is – crazy. I’ve had just about enough of cuckoo nuts Branch. He needs to either get his act together or they need to replace him.

The episode was an ode to the death of the family farm. The callous neighbor of the dead farmer is relentless in his pursuit of the farmer’s land. Unable to make the payments on their equipment, water, and rent, the farmer’s wife and daughter snap. On the one hand, it’s easy to look at the situation and see Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill. They don’t have the money to keep the farm going. On the other hand, you can understand their attachment to their home and land. This type of storyline gives Longmire a unique flavor compared to other shows currently on air. The rural intrigues are simply different than urban crime shows. This is what Longmire should focus on instead of the super convoluted conspiracies we’ve been seeing this season.

Vic’s feelings are clearly hurt that Walt doesn’t seem that concerned by her potential departure. This makes the scene with her husband in bed even more disturbing. She puts the moves on him after having her Walt fantasy disturbed. This makes me feel even more sorry for Sean.

Ferg seems a little put out by his work assignments. When Vic shows up at the crime scene, Ferg is quickly marginalized. Poor guy. Ferg needs a more prominent storyline.

It turns out that there was no murder. In a last act of desperation, the farmer took his own life in order to get the insurance money for his wife and daughter. The denouement puts Walt in a bind, though. He decides to look the other way and declare it an unsolved homicide. This kind of decision demonstrates that Walt isn’t strictly by the books.

I am ready for the Branch time bomb to blow. It looks like next week we will finally get the showdown between Branch and Ridges. Finally!

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