True Blood Season 7 Review “Lost Cause”

You had ONE job, Eric. One job!

This week’s episode of True Blood was a blend of fun character moments and head-scratching, eyeroll-inducing moments that simply made no sense. I’ve come to accept that this what True Blood is – for better or worse.

Alcide’s Dead – Let’s Throw A Party?!?

With the stupid vigilantes and hep vamps a thing of the past, the remaining residents of Bon Temps finally got a moment to relax and reflect. The troops – LaLa, James, Alcide’s dad and his girlfriend – rallied around Sookie to help her cope with the loss of Alcide. How did the group decide to help Sookie cope? A party for all of the townspeople and supernaturals who managed to survive!

The party gave viewers a few fun moments, including the image of Bill nodding his head to Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give it Up. Arlene and Sookie also shared a very heartwarming moment in which Arlene gave Sook advice on dealing with Alcide’s death. Of course, no Bon Temps gathering would be complete without a requisite amount of tomfoolery. The highlights include:

– Lettie Mae crashing the party after drugging her husband with Benadryl so she could get some more of Willa’s blood and “see” Tara again.

– James and LaLa caught with their pants down by Jessica – literally.

– Jessica and Jason having sex in Sook’s house – knowing that Violet was around and knowing Violet’s possessive nature. I’ve always thought that Jessica and Jason would find their way back to each other by the end of the series, but I guess I assumed it would be after Violet met the true death. After all that the pair went through with Hoyt, it would be nice to get a return on that very long, at times tedious, storyline.

Not everyone at Sookie’s house, which looked a lot like the season 2 maenad parties, was a happy camper. Nicole asked the question a lot of us were asking at home – why in the world have these crazy people come together to party after so much death and disaster?

Mission Impossible: Killing Sarah Newlin

While Sookie, Bill and the rest of Bon Temps partied, Pam and Eric resumed their mission to locate and kill Sarah Newlin. In exchange for being released, Willa told Eric and Pam about Sarah’s secret vampire sister located in Dallas. Secret sister, who was also dying from hep v, was more than happy to assist the duo with some helpful information as to Sarah’s whereabouts. The pair headed back to Dallas where they found Sarah and just as Eric was about to pull a Mortal Kombat-like finishing move on Sarah, in come the Yakuza. Much like a Lannister on Game of Thrones, Eric was faced with two debts he wanted to pay – Sarah Newlin for the hep v virus and the Yakuza for killing his French paramour back in the 1980s. Eric’s hatred for the Yakuza won out in the end and it looks like Sarah has managed to escape death once again. At this point, I will consider myself a content viewer if we get to see Sarah and Lettie Mae die horrible deaths. Anything short of that would be wholly unacceptable. Damn it, Eric!

What’s Next?

The episode closed with a shocking revelation about Bill – he’s joined the ranks of the vampires infected with hep v. Is True Blood brave enough to kill off both Eric and Bill before the series ends, or will someone find a cure? I’ve always enjoyed the series as a fun, campy show and would prefer that it remain that way in the end.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!