Ray Donovan Season 2 Review “Uber Ray”

Where last week’s season premiere of Ray Donovan was more of a where are they now episode, the closing moments made it clear that new conflicts awaited. The second episode of the season, “Uber Ray,” did not disappoint in setting up new tension for the Donovan family and those around them.

Unsurprisingly, Mickey’s return brings complications for the Donovan boys. Although the patriarch is out on parole, ambitious prosecutor Cochran has made it clear that if Mickey goes down, so does Ray. Ray made a smart move by trying to work the system and identify a parol officer who would keep a watchful eye on Mickey and keep him in line in exchange for a little cash. I suspect this will prove to be a temporary fix because Mickey has proven repeatedly that he is an expert at escaping difficult, damn near impossible situations. For now, it looks as though Mickey will not have Terry, Bunchy and Daryl there to enable him. As a result, Mickey has turned his attention to Connor, which clearly will not end well for anyone involved.

Likewise, Abby made the wise choice not to side with Mickey. Initially, she appeared to be done with Mickey and Ray, particularly when she made a move on her yoga instructor. As a character, Abby is at her best when she veers on the bad side and then finds humor in it. Her attempt to steal a pair of shoes and fall down as she tried to flee last season was both interesting and amusing. I liked the similar moment in this episode when she made a move on her instructor and ultimately wound up in her car with a cigarette, laughing at herself. Despite her decision not to cheat on Ray, the couple still has a long way to achieving her goal of honesty and emotional intimacy. Ray’s gift of a new house was a bandaid on a wound that clearly needs stitches.

Other thoughts . . .

– As a fan of The Wire and Treme, I was elated to see Wendell Pierce join the Ray Donovan cast as Mickey’s parole officer.

– It’s interesting that Frances confronted Ray about Terry’s stalking and that she thinks it is because she knows what happened with the priest and not because Terry still has feelings for her.

– Despite Ray’s best efforts, Sully just won’t stay dead! In addition to Cochran’s questions about what happened the night Sully was killed, a reporter is now looking into his death as well. I’ve got mixed feelings about this subplot. I like that Sully’s posthumous presence on the show serves as a reminder to the characters that their actions have consequences, but I hope this Sully stuff doesn’t drag on too long. I suspect that the Donovans will have no trouble getting in all sorts of new trouble and the Sully stuff might quickly become an annoyance for the characters and viewers.

Overall, I thought this week’s episode was solid. The tension surrounding Mickey’s return did not disappoint and the set up for this season’s conflict left me interested in what lies ahead. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!