‘Houdini’ Miniseries Starring Adrien Brody Premiere Date Announced by History

History will perform a magic trick this Labor Day when the two-part miniseries Houdini starring Adrien Brody (The Piano) premieres September 1st and 2nd at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The miniseries will explore the personal story of the greatest escape artist of all time. From his time as a sideshow performer straight through to his days as one of the world’s most famed personalities, Houdini will take viewers deep into the life of the fascinating man formerly known as Erich Weiss.

In addition to Brody, Houdini also stars Kristen Connolly (House of Cards, The Cabin the Woods) as Bess Houdini, his wife and partner, and Evan Jones (The Book of Eli, Gangster Squad) as Jim Collins, Harry’s assistant and confidant. Are you planning to spend your Labor Day weekend watching Houdini?