Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Two Truths And A Lie”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 6 Two Truths and a Lie (5)

This week’s episode of Rookie Blue returned with the case of the murder of a school teacher. After nailing down their suspect – Larry Chism – the entire precinct goes on the hunt. Pairing off like usual, Andy and Sam hit the road to pay a visit to the penitentiary to talk to those on the inside who were friends with the recently released convict and that’s when the drama begins.

Sam’s dad is on the inside and he is also the former mentor of Chism. What started out as a boring, recycled road trip scenario between Andy and Sam suddenly turned into an entertaining storyline. Sam, who was finally three dimensional, and Andy, who shares the same acting range as Kristen Stewart, were actually relatable. Sam shared some bad childhood stories, talked about the old show Millionaire and finally confessed that he set his Dad up by debunking his alibi years prior when he was just a kid.

Meanwhile, Dov and Chloe are stuck on desk duty and still working through their issues surrounding Chloe’s near death experience in the hospital. Other than making a few connections in regards to the case, we didn’t see much of these two in this episode.

Gail and Nick’s ride took a different turn – from comical to horrible. These two seemed to be getting along a lot better with Gail declaring her plans to set up Nick’s online dating profile. The two exchange cracks at one another; Nick sleeping with their eyes open, Gail yelling at a parking attendant while her mouth is numb, and more. The tone takes a dark turn when they pick-up their suspect after a clever game of cat and mouse and he tries to kill himself with a piece of glass he gets after bashing his restrained hands into the window. Their day gets even longer when they are called to the true purps house and his wife is found in shock, clutching a knife over his body while he lays dead on their dining room floor.

‘Rookie Blue’ is always good for a twist without going too overboard. What did you think of the latest episode? Will the show runners return to Diaz’s story next week? Or will it be all about the Andy/Duncan drama?