Dominion Season 1 Review “Something Borrowed”

Dominion episode 5 Something Borrowed (4)

It’s Judgment Day for “Something Borrowed”, Dominion‘s fifth episode. What elements made it into Heaven? Which parts are headed for the fires of Hell? Continue reading to find out!

Purgatory: Alex’s desert training. Surely there are better and cooler ways to show that Michael is preparing Alex for his destiny than teaching him what he should already know. Michael says it himself, Alex’s skills have been honed for years to fight angels. Showing him to be reckless to the point of being ineffective weakened his character. This element gets a purgatory only because they emphasized that Bixby’s death was affecting Alex pretty heavily.

Heaven: Whele’s flashback to the night he lost most of his family wife was magnificently chilling on more than one level and heavily informed his relationship with his William. The image of Whele, regarding his son with the intensity of a predator eying its prey, bloody hand grasping an even bloodier hammer, fighting the temptation to kill his own son because of his weakness… It was awesome in the worst way.

Heaven: Claire continues to improve. Both the writing and Roxanne McKee’s portrayal have been maturing into something more substantial and enjoyable to watch than her characterization in the initial episodes. Watching Claire navigate this world successfully is becoming more and more compelling each week.

Hell: Reisen’s favorite 8-ball dressing like Michael Jackson to go out shopping in Vega and expecting no one to notice. Next time, wear a better disguise.

Purgatory: And speaking of Reisen’s troubled friend, we really do need a good reason for his dalliance with her. When you’re the unquestioned ruler of a post apocalyptic city, I ‘m fairly sure finding someone to spend your nights with isn’t much of a problem. Update Later.

Heaven: William Whele coming into his own as a “villain” in his own right. His actions when approached by the member of Gabriel’s cult proved he’s every bit as devious as his father if not more so, and the effortless way he switched on the charm for Claire was surprising to see from a character who’s seemed more demure in past episodes. With his character established, I hope to see more beats like that for Luke Allen-Gale to play.

Heaven: I’m liking the little Scooby Gang thing Alex has going on with Noma and Ethan. They make an entertaining triumvirate, and one of the more unique ones currently on television.

Heaven: The stunned astonishment as Whele realized how dangerous his son actually is.

Heaven: Alex and Noma’s pursuit of Reisen’s 8-ball through the streets and warehouse was really well done. Suspenseful.

Purgatory Upgrade To Heaven: I asked for a good reason for why Reisen would trouble himself with an 8-ball… the Claire toasted that 8-ball and we discovered it was inhabiting her MOTHER’S BODY!!! So wrong. So right. Where is this going to go?

Final Judgment: Heaven. “Something Borrowed” (aside from being a great title) continued to pull me further and further into fully investing in Dominion. The growing pains of a show establishing itself are beginning to subside, and a greater tapestry is beginning to assert itself more dominantly.

What’s your final verdict?

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