Defiance Season 2 Review “Put the Damage On”

Defiance Season 2 Episode 5 Putting the Damage On (1)

On the latest episode of “Defiance,” we finally got to the bottom of what was going on with Amanda- at least to a certain degree- in “Putting the Damage On.” Basically, as suspected, Mayor Pottinger was indeed up to something when he was encouraging and helping to supply Amanda’s adreno habit- but it wasn’t what many of us suspected, which was that he was using it to take advantage of her in a pervy, untoward way.

No, he was using it to render her so out of it that he was able to implant a so-called “ego” into her head, so as to collect her memories. Now, what exactly he wanted with her memories is tougher to say, but it certainly can’t be good.

Whatever the case, he and Doc Yewll- who we now know was released from prison at least in part to help the Mayor with this- got more than they bargained for when part of the device leaked into their own bodies and ended up having the same effect on them that it had on Amanda, which is to say, it made all of them extensively hallucinate to such a degree that they were a danger to themselves and others. For instance, Amanda shot Irisa and wounded Tommy, thinking they were the rapist that terrorized her long ago.

Meanwhile, the Mayor saw Conner Lang, aka Amanda’s ex, and Doc Yewll saw her own ex, Lev, who committed suicide over the atrocities they committed back in the day. In other words, they saw dead people. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Ultimately, Yewll removed the “ego” from both Amanda and the Mayor’s heads, but opted to leave her “ego” intact, so as to better spend time with the departed Lev. That decision is probably going to cause trouble on down the line somewhere, needless to say.

As all of this was going on, both Rafe and Datak were struggling to pick themselves up from their respective losses, with Rafe moving in with his daughter at Stahma’s place, while Datak set up shop in a random tent somewhere. Later, he went to Stahma with his tail between his legs and invoked some sort of ritual for forgiveness that allowed him visitation rights to see his family, including his impending grandchild, which Stahma allowed against the protests of Christie in particular.

Afterwards, he met with Rafe- who he didn’t seem too keen on being in his house- and proposed a truce: if Rafe would put in a good word with Christie and help smooth things over, then he’d help Rafe by assembling a crew of people to lead a revolution to take back control of Defiance from the Earth Republic. Not so sure how he plans to do so, with everyone from his crew firmly on Team Stahma, but okay. Or as Rafe put it, when Datak asked him if he looked insincere: “Oh, your face is kind of built that way.” True that.

Even taking into consideration the hallucinating thing, there was some weird stuff going on in this episode. Datak’s Castithan ritual involving the gems and the rose was pretty wild, and his making out with that Irathient was even wilder. (Are all Castithans bisexual?)

We also had that DJ chick/prostitute- or is it “night porter”?- Deirdre Lamb (Kristina Pesic) asking Christie to “play” with her on one end, while Stahma and her servant (or whatever) got their flirt on with Rafe on the other. Not that I blame him- that outfit that Jaime Murray wears is something else!

Hell, even Doc Yewll got in on some of the action- loved that exchange between her and Nolan:
Nolan- “Where the hell were you?” Yewll- “Booty call.” LOL. The thing is, she wasn’t half-joking!

All in all, a decent episode, even if it raised more questions than it answered, namely, why the hell does the Mayor want Amanda’s memories? And how exactly does Datak plan to start a revolution when everyone hates him? What in the world is that DJ chick up to? And is Irisa’s condition related to the “ego” thing? So many questions, so little answers.

What did you think of “Defiance” this week? Where do you think all this is headed? Any ideas on what’s going on with Irisa? How about the DJ? What’s the Mayor up to now? How will Yewll leaving the implant in affect stuff later on? Sound off on this and whatever else is on your mind and I’ll see you next week!