Royal Pains Season 6 Review “Everybody Loves Ray, Man” – Is Evan In Too Deep?

Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 6 Everybody Loves Ray, Man (4)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Everybody Loves Ray, Man,” Evan and Jeremiah overcome some obstacles to bringing HankMed to the next level, while Hank tries to help Emma, and Divya realizes why she’s having so much trouble finding a nanny.

Oh boy, Evan, I think you may have gotten yourself into big trouble this time. Evan’s pretty good at getting himself into trouble, so it’s not like I don’t think he’ll get out of it. But he’s also quite talented at making the trouble grow bigger before it gets better and I have a feeling that’s what’s going to happen between him and Ray.

Evan was just a little too enthralled with Ray and his idea of business for my (and Paige’s) liking. It’s great that Hank’s little brother is always looking toward the bigger picture, but I don’t think Ray is the kind of business example he needs. Luckily, it did look as though Evan realized his error by the end of the episode – the only trouble was that it was too late. Ray seems to think that he’s a full partner in HankMed now, though Hank has no idea that happened and Evan never intended that to happen. Talk about trouble.

As for Hank, I thought it was great that he wanted to help out Emma. He’s really taking his big brother role very seriously and I love that they already have such a strong connection. I just wish that Emma would take his advice and not act so insulted when he offers it. Taking pictures of Hampton celebrities for a gossip rag isn’t exactly a smart business move. Sure, she can make a lot of money at it, but what about her dignity? Also, I’m with Hank – it does look like she’s seeking something bigger for her life and she did seem to connect with medicine. Here’s hoping that Emma will outgrow whatever phase this is and start looking for something better to do with her future.

Jeremiah was so much fun to watch in this episode and it was nice to see him relax and let loose just a tiny bit. Not a lot, because this is Jeremiah after all, but he did loosen up a little. His reaction to finding out about the burlesque club next door to the new HankMed location was classic. I loved that he agreed to go the club with Viviana and their interaction there was very sweet. Jeremiah actually relaxed and was quite charming and even managed to make a joke that had me laughing. His flirting has come a long way and I’m enjoying the kind of change that Viviana seems to be bringing out in him.

Divya went through her own interesting journey in this episode. I wasn’t sure what was up with her as she kept going through nannies, but it made sense in the end to find out that she was just missing her baby. Hank was right when he said that she was at a point in her life where she was ready for something new. It’s hard to think of her as that same girl who was fighting against her parents’ wishes and demanding that Hank hire her back in Season 1. I’ve always admired her and watching her become a single mom has made me admire her even more.

Overall, everyone’s stories are moving along nicely this season and I’m excited to see where they all lead.

My favorite bits:

Cracking up at Hank’s “baroque” joke. That was all kinds of awesome.

“How you do you know my doctor?”
“Passaic, 30 years ago. My parents brought him home from the hospital and I still haven’t been able to get rid of him.”

The chef asking Ray to come over and urinate in the consommé.

Finding out that cornstarch is a natural clotting agent. I learn so much watching this show.

Thinking that the chef’s story kind of sounded like Hank’s when he first went to the Hamptons.

Sashi. That is all. That child is beyond adorable.

“We’re on Long Island for god sakes. It’s a long island, there’s got to be something.”

Hank pointing out that it made perfect sense for Divya to be seeking out family tradition in her life.

“Ray, I am ready for that hug now.”
“Let’s not.”

Hank and Jeremiah discovering that the future of HankMed would be sharing a wall with women in their underwear. Evan did have a point though: Technically their patients do take of their clothes, too.

“I cooked skunk one time. It tasted like chicken – smelly, smelly chicken.”

Hank ordering Ray to leave his own restaurant. You tell him, Hank!

“You wanted to be a movie star. Life was not taking you there.”

Finding out what an “eyeball courier” was.

“How did you get that job?”
“I had the cooler.” – Haha! Who knew Jeremiah was that funny?

Emma pointing out that Hank was the person that everyone else bounced things off of. That’s a very good point.

Jeremiah sitting down and calmly saying that the burlesque club was very clean inside and the girls were just trying to make a living like everyone else.

Paige telling Evan she was going to run her business the way she wanted. Good for her!

Divya realizing she was “twiddling” her nannies because she was jealous they got to be with her.

Divya trying to decide how she was going to tell Uncle Hank and “Aunt Evan” about working part-time.

“Whoever’s foot that is, that’s gonna hurt.”

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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