Longmire Season 3 Review “Population 25”

Longmire Season 3 Episode 7 Population 25 4

Apologies for the delay Longmire readers. Sickness waylaid me, but I’m now caught up with this week’s Vic-stravaganza. I was hopeful that we would finally get to see Vic spending some quality time with her husband, Sean. But, sadly, it’s short lived and downright tragic.

Shortly after starting out on their romantic get away, Vic and Sean swerve to avoid a bear and end up crashing into the ravine. Vic is cautious enough to bring a gun and a cell phone on the trip, yet she refuses to take either when she goes down the road for help. When Vic doesn’t return, Sean sees Gorsky speed by. You can almost hear the “dum, dum, dummmm.” Walt shows up after getting a frantic call from Sean. Turns out Gorsky is Vic’s fairy godstalker and conveniently witnessed the kidnapping of Sean. So who’s really behind the abduction? Walt’s nemesis – Chance Gilbert. When we got this reveal, my initial reaction was, “Huh?” Again, Gilbert is one of those minor characters that surfaces sporadically, so I have a hard time remembering what his deal is. Then I realized, we don’t know his deal and Walt has to spoon feed it to us in a 5 second synopsis.

Vic and Sean are brutalized by their kidnappers – who are hardcore conspiracy theorists. It was pretty hard to watch Vic’s reaction to Sean’s beating. At least she was able to get in a couple blows before being knocked out. The way the scene was shot was extremely effective, especially when you couldn’t hear them scream. It was so sad and touching when Sean tried to comfort her in the store room. It was even more heartbreaking when Vic freaked out thinking Walt was dead. In that moment, Sean realizes that she doesn’t truly love him. Poor Sean.

It was disappointing that Branch went snooping in Vic’s house rather than trying to help find her. He kind of came through in the end, but he’s definitely taking a dark turn. It’s time that his crisis came to a head and it looks like it’s going to next week.

It was a surprising choice to pair up Walt and Gorsky. At first, I wasn’t sure what Gorsky was adding to the situation. It was kind of like A Christmas Carol of Vic’s love interests – ghosts of past, present and future. I have to say that I actually liked the way Gorsky took his exit. It was like he finally understood that he was only hurting her. It also was the best way they were going to get out of that lame storyline.

It was downright cruel for Vic to leave Sean in the car to go chasing after Walt. It reminds me of the dynamic between Starbuck and Anders on Battlestar Galactica. On BSG, Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) was with Anders but always pined away for Lee. When Anders was seriously wounded, all Starbuck could think about was herself. It’s a callousness that rubbed me wrong in that show and is rubbing me wrong here. Besides the fact that I don’t like the Vic/Walt coupling in general, I especially don’t want it to happen now. Vic shouldn’t get a reward for being so messed up.

All in all, it was a more exciting episode than I thought it was going to be in the first few minutes. It was a little too easy to clear out the cult compound. It might have been better to have fewer crazies with guns roaming the property to make it more believable that Walt could talk them down.