Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Silence Kit”

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 4 Silence Kit (1)

“Silence Kit” could also be titled “Eyal is Back!… for 10 Minutes.” I was expecting more screen time from our favorite Mossad agent and left a little disappointed. Granted, some Eyal on Covert Affairs is better than no Eyal, and Oded Fehr still made the most of it.

The flashbacks with him allowed us to learn about Annie’s heart condition. I’m not sure how long after leaving Hong Kong/killing Wilcox she visited Jerusalem. She never elaborated on her location when she first felt her heart pain but still made it to Eyal easily. And again, even though the scenes with Eyal were brief, Piper Perabo and Fehr have such an easy chemistry together, that they make those moments feel they’re worth a whole episode. Also interesting was Eyal saying Annie has a way out of the CIA now. He tried to retire from Mossad but was still brought back into the fold. Because of this new heart condition though, Annie can leave scot-free. She doesn’t want to leave though. Annie claims everything about her is being a field agent. Eyal (and Auggie later) say this isn’t true, and yet, all the people Annie has come to care for (minus her sister) are in the CIA. It’s both- being with people she loves and her job. If Auggie left, I could see her having less qualms about doing the same, but until that happens, Miss Walker isn’t going anywhere.

More Thoughts After Going Back for My Christian Louboutin:

– Speaking of Auggie, I thought he handled Annie’s bomb about her heart condition quite well. Do I still think he’s going to be pissed off when he discovers McQuaid knew before him? Yes.

– The Postman aka Harris Wilson of the NSA was discovered and disposed of by the end of the episode. Because of this there is mostly definitely a bigger fish involved. Wilson had also sold the locations of other secret CIA safehouses. Thankfully those places were evacuated (83 people total). The previews showed Annie and Auggie in Paris next week- most likely following the trail of money that was withdrawn from a bank there before the Chicago explosions. I still think Hayley is involved. She kept pestering Auggie about the CIA takedown of Wilson at the gala and then had sex with him afterwards. Snap out of it Auggie!!

– I’m unclear if the evacuated CIA locations were on US soil because if they were that does violate the charter that was mentioned in a previous episode (in Calder’s hearing).

– Even though we got shirtless McQuaid this episode I prefer him with his sunglasses doing the CSI: Miami thing. We still don’t know what he and Borz talked about for an hour in Maracaibo.

– Poor Joan. First she has Caitlyn flirting with her husband and now Arthur gets Senator Pearson to outsource the intelligence funding to McQuaid’s company. Arthur, I understand it’s better that you get it versus someone else, but low blow sir. Low blow.

– More of Calder and his lady friend = yawn

– Finally, there is no way Annie would have gotten out of the emergency room that quickly having an abnormal EKG and traces of nitrate in her blood. I know this is television, but that was laughable.