Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Review “Run, Ali, Run”

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6 Run, Ali, Run (3)

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” the fallout of the explosion that took down Toby’s house was enough for Ali to get the hint and “Run, Ali, Run.” But was that even an option? As it turned out, “A” didn’t actually want her going anywhere, yet Mona’s Army couldn’t get her out of town fast enough. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Ali is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Maybe she should have stayed dead after all.

So, several things became clearer to me that I basically already knew but never quite put the pieces together to before tonight. I think that, because Mona was such a liar in her own right early on, I just assumed that she must be in on the “A” thing, despite her claims to not knowing who “A” was. I mean, of course that’s what she would say, right?

But now, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. If anything, I think there’s several groups out there, and not just Mona’s Army (which the girls now know some, if not all, of the identities of), which is a relatively new thing, but another team behind that team that also includes Mona, as well as Jenna and Sydney, who we saw meet in the last episode, plus an unidentified fourth person (I say Melissa).

In addition to that, I also think that Melissa has a group of her own that we don’t know who’s a member of definitively just yet. This team is indeed the “A” team, and Melissa, I think, is the go-between that is keeping an eye on both Mona’s team and the four main girls and now Ali, while maintaining a relationship with the actual “A,” which may well be her. Regardless, her job is to make sure no one gets too close to the truth, while keeping who’s up to what straight.

I think the reason she’s out of town a lot is because of all this multi-tasking, and because she has to plot certain things where no one can find her- not unlike Ezra’s lair in Ravenswood, only with more nefarious purposes. I think this was the lair we saw at the end of the last episode. I do think that she’s trying to protect Spencer to a certain degree, but because of their troubled past together, she’s not above messing with her, either.

Now, granted, tonight, it was revealed that their dad, Peter Hastings, insisted that he wasn’t responsible for killing Mrs. D. This could well be a lie, but I don’t think so. I think that, by now, we all know that when a person looks so guilty that it’s obvious, the show is pulling a fast one of some kind. So while, yes, it makes sense that Mrs. D. would cover up Peter having “killed” Ali because of their relationship, it could also be someone else she had a special relationship with that we don’t know about yet.

Probably not Jason or Spencer, either- we know the connections there- but someone else we don’t know she had a relationship with yet. I suppose Cece’s a distinct possibility- we know they knew each other and interacted more than a few times, including Mrs. D. paying Cece off for some unknown reason. We also know that Cece and Ali’s relationship is fraught with drama and that it’s not beyond the pale that Cece might have more serious issues with Ali than she lets on.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants Ali dead, and besides, she’s known from the jump that Ali was alive, so if that were the case, she could have killed her a million times over by now. Unless she once wanted her dead, but later realized that Ali was more useful to her alive than dead. Why? That we don’t know, but it sure would explain why “A” doesn’t want Ali leaving town. Maybe she plans to frame Ali for the death of Wilden that she committed. But that would hardly clear her from escaping from police custody and stealing a cop car, so that seems dubious to me.

But how about this? We don’t know who Cece’s parents are, right? Maybe it’s one or both of her parents that are the real “A.” One of my other long-held beliefs was that this was a “sins of the parents”-type scenario, where something one of the parents did had a ripple effect and was the reason someone was torturing these specific kids. Think a sort of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”-meets-“A Nightmare on Elm Street”-type thing, where someone older who was wronged in some way found out the truth and decided to take the matter into their own hands and not only go after the person (or persons) responsible, but their kids as well.

An older person would likely have more resources at their disposal, and thus, be able to be everywhere and nowhere all at once, and not only that, but use the information they found out to blackmail others into helping to do their dirty work, which is a total “A” move. Why endanger yourself when you can get someone else to risk it for you?

That sounds like a rich people move, in fact, so Ezra’s family could be a distinct possibility. We don’t know a lot about them, which is exactly why it could be related to something we know nothing about yet. Maybe something happened to one of their other kids, for instance. Also, we haven’t heard much, if anything about Ezra’s father- maybe something happened to him. We do know that Ezra’s mother is a pretty nasty individual not above paying off people that get under her skin, like Ezra’s ex, Meredith, and that she also tried to get rid of Aria as well. Maybe she’s up to something even worse that we don’t know about.

Those are just a few possibilities, but you get the idea. My point is, there is any number of ways this thing could go, but the show has been playing things cagily enough that we don’t quite know what all of the possibilities are just yet. But I still maintain Melissa is directly involved with it, and is totally playing all sides against each other, all the better to take the heat off of her.

Now why she’s so motivated to do so is harder to say- I don’t know for sure what her motive is, but I feel like it might be connected to those videos Ali had at one time. Melissa was pretty upset about whatever it was, so who’s to say she might not do some wacked-out stuff to keep it on the down-low. Whatever it is, it must be horrible, and who knows if that’s what she told her father. He could actually still think that Spencer was the one who killed Bethany, as Spencer suggested, and is just trying to protect her.

But maybe it was actually Melissa that killed Bethany and she only told her father that to cast suspicion away from her. Yes, she once said that they should tell the rest of the family and her father stringently objected, but she probably knew that he was going to react that way and was just playing him. Or maybe I’m way off, and that’s just what the show wants me to think. So many questions, so little answers! (Even those news articles various people were looking at throughout the episode said as much- for every question answered, a whole new lot of them crop up.)

Another thing that’s clearly connected to all of this is Radley. Too many roads lead back to Radley. Mrs. D. was a board member, Bethany once resided (and escaped from) there, and Spencer, Mona, Cece and Ali were all deeply familiar with the place over the years. (Now it looks like Aria is going to work there to boot.) And let’s not forget Toby’s mother died there and the incident was covered up- including who did it, which was indicated to be a patient there at the time. I’d say maybe Bethany killed Toby’s mom and Toby killed her in retaliation, but Toby clearly didn’t know who did that or he wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to find out.

But someone killed the girl, and there had to be a valid reason for it, or else why do it in the first place? Maybe Mrs. D. killed the girl so that they’d have someone to bury in Ali’s coffin, what with her already burying Ali in the yard. Maybe after running away from Radley, Bethany was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing.

We do know from this episode that Bethany didn’t have a favorable view of Mrs. D. so there must be a reason for that, right? Not to mention why, of all things, Eddie chose to share that particular picture with Ezra. And why Ezra, of all people, for that matter? Maybe because Bethany and he were related, and she’s part of the issue I spoke of earlier that his mother has with various people in Rosewood.

Also, note that “A” said that he/she buried Mrs. D. the same way they watched her bury Ali. So, obviously, “A” was there for both of those events, to the point of having video of the former event, and knowing about the latter. Note also in the picture there was a monstrous figure watching Mrs. D. in her garden. Maybe she was forced to bury Ali by an unknown person with a knife and that’s why she didn’t object more strenuously.

After all, she thought Ali was actually dead, but she didn’t have to bury her somewhere, unless she had something to hide and/or or someone forced her to- and it was someone she knew, we know that for sure, because it’s the only thing that makes sense. Also, Bethany’s picture also might suggest that she saw who “A” was, and that’s why she was killed- she knew too much. So, she was killed and put into Ali’s coffin and Mrs. D. helped cover it up.

I feel like I’m so close, yet so far from figuring this whole thing out, but what are you gonna do? Isn’t that why we all love the show? It keeps us guessing at every turn. I just hope the final outcome will live up to the build-up, you know? I guess we’ll find out…eventually.

Until then, by all means, let me hear your thoughts on the matter. Got an even crazier theory? Let me hear about it. Why does “A” want Ali to stay in town? What’s the story with all the Radley connections? Why did “A” send flowers to Bethany’s parents? What will Ali tell the cops when she talks to them now? What all does Tanner know that she’s not saying? Where was “A” all this time? Sound off below and I’ll see you next week!