Under the Dome Season 2 Review “Force Majeure”

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 3 Force Majeure 1

I’m not entirely sure that what’s going on “Under the Dome” is what CCR had in mind when they did “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” but leave it to Stephen King and company to connect those dots in the episode “Force Majeure.” That song, along with country singer Dwight Yoakam, made an appearance in the show, alongside some rain of the acidic and bloody variety. Between that and the whole caterpillar/butterfly onslaught last week, it was enough to convince town barber Lyle (Yoakam) that what was going on was perhaps something of the Biblical variety, i.e. the ten plagues.

Of course, given the stuff that has gone down already, is the idea that what was going on was a sort of test by God to weed out the good from the bad any crazier than anything else that’s happened? Not particularly. Not saying I believe that’s what’s happening here, but I’m just saying. This is Stephen King we’re talking about, a guy who once literally had the hand of God reach down and put a stop to the evil at hand in “The Stand”- talk about a “deus ex machina”– so who’s to say that answer is any less far-fetched than that?

Regardless, it was a combination of pseudo-believer, via Julia, and scientific pragmatism, via Rebecca, that helped bring down the threats at hand in this case, which were Lyle and the aforementioned blood rain. Yes, Slayer fans, it was literally raining blood in this episode. Good times!

Whatever was really going on, some things are certain: Lyle knows more about it than he’s letting on, and he once dated Pauline- aka Big Jim’s wife- and claims that she not only knew what was coming, but predicted a fair amount of it long before it happened. Or at least that’s what I got out of it. What he knows exactly we’ll just have to wait and see until next week to find out, as he promised Junior he’d fill him in if Junior let him out of jail, which it seemed like he was going to do. Whatever it is, Sam wasn’t too keen on it getting out, and mentioned that he and Lyle have been sitting on the details of it for some twenty-five years.

It’s fairly obvious that it has something to do with new girl Melanie Cross, who we also discovered was a former denizen of the town way back in 1988- in other words, over twenty-five years ago. In previous columns I suggested that perhaps the dome had revived Melanie after she committed suicide back in the day, but now I’m not so sure. Now I’m wondering if maybe she wasn’t killed, possibly by accident, and Lyle and Sam, in conjunction with Pauline, covered it up- and perhaps even perpetrated it. Either way, Pauline saw it coming, as she drew a picture of Melanie all those years ago.

Meanwhile, science lady Rebecca is, for all of her seeming helpfulness, moving ever closer to going completely off the reservation, between her actions towards Lyle, who she threw the blood rain at even though he was about to surrender; and her not-so-subtle suggestion that they needed to weed out the people that didn’t serve a higher purpose in the town in order to save everyone else. Real nice!

I mean, I see her point, but way to be blunt about it! After all, she even went so far as to arrange for a sort of census-taking of the town’s population to better be able to determine who was worthy of living, and who was expendable. That’s pretty harsh. How’d you like to be told you don’t have a quality enough skill set to be allowed to live? Way to be the judge, jury and executioner, Rebecca. I’m not sure if they’re actually going to go through with killing innocent people, but damned if it doesn’t seem like where this is headed. Note also that Rebecca’s estimate for how many people needed to die of the current population was…25%. Coincidence? Probably not.

Meanwhile, for the first time, an internet signal got through, and wouldn’t you know it, Junior just happened to get a video message from mother Pauline, who went by the screen name “hands of Diana.” Might this have been a reference to mythological figure Diana, the goddess of the hunt? Not sure, but she pointed Junior in the direction of Lyle, so he clearly knows something more than what he’s telling about what’s going on.

Even weirder, it would seem that the signal that allowed them to connect to the internet in the first place was connected to the bloody handprint Angie left on a locker before meeting her doom. Melanie was able to open said locker, which is what led Joe to realize that she must have been a student there once, which turned out to be the case, but at the same time, impossible, as she was there back in 1988. Then again, when you take into consideration all the crazy things that have happened so far, is raising the dead any crazier?

That was about it for this week, but it was a fun-if-bonkers episode that showed that there may be life in this old dome yet, in terms of plotting. I do still maintain that they need to wrap this thing up sooner than later, but I’ll admit they have managed to keep things going reasonably well without having to resort to anything outside of the established parameters of the main story and “rules” of the dome thus far, so I’m willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt for now. But if there starts to be talk of a third season, we’ve got problems. Or if a literal hand of God is involved.

What did you think of “Under the Dome” this week? Did you like Yoakam’s performance? How about his character overall? What do you make of Rebecca? Is she crazy smart- or just plain crazy? Has Big Jim really turned a corner? Or is he just as bad as he ever was, just being smarter about it now? How do you feel about Sam? Is he good or bad? Were you upset that he seems to be coming between Julia and Barbie? What’s the deal with Melanie, and how does she relate to Pauline, Lyle and Sam? Make your wacky predictions below and take comfort in knowing that they can’t be any crazier than what the show comes up with. See you next week!