Under the Dome: Not a Safe Place to Be!

Under the Dome

Previously on Under the Dome… someone died. No, that is not what they say, but it could be! Yes my friends, Chester’s Mill is a dangerous place to live. During season 1, of the thirteen episodes, only three did not feature the death of a named character. And, in some of the episodes, multiple people died. Now, granted, not all of them have names, but still, a death is a death. The irony is that at the end of season 1, it was revealed that the dome was put there for the protection of the residents of Chester’s Mill! Perhaps it is time for whoever put it there to review that plan?

This is fair warning that I will also be discussing season 2 of Under the Dome later on, so if you are not up to date on your viewing of the new season, spoiler alert!

Without further ado, let’s take a look back at season 1 and all the poor characters who did not survive.

Season 1
Episode 1 – Peter Shumway, Police Chief Duke Perkins, unlucky airplane pilot, hapless vehicle drivers, really unlucky cow

Duke and Linda - Under the Dome

Peter Shumway was marginally a main character, and in fact we knew very little about him until after he was dead. He was the husband of a main character, though, and via flashbacks and dialogue we learned enough about him to understand the significance of his role in the story of Chester’s Mill.

Of course the Police Chief, Duke, was a main character, who was duplicitous with Big Jim, Rev. Lester and Maxine as part of the drug making operation. Of course, a lot of this was revealed in flashbacks as the season played out, since the poor man died when his pacemaker exploded after he got too close to the Dome.

And let us not forget the airplane pilot unlucky enough to be trapped like a fly under a cake stand dome, or the drivers of more than one vehicle that crashed into the invisible barrier as they barreled down the roadway. But for me, the seminal kill of the first episode really keeps coming back to the poor, hapless cow, just minding its own business before being neatly sliced in half by the Dome as it descended.

Episode 2 – Deputy Freddy Denton

Freddy and Linda - Under the Dome

Freddy was the brother of Rusty Denton, Linda’s fiancé and a firefighter who is outside the Dome. Freddy was killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You see, bullets bounce when they hit a barrier such as a wall or an invisible Dome, and a shot fired at the Dome by a crazed deputy ricocheted and killed Freddy.

Episode 3 – Deputy Paul Randolph

Paul - Under the Dome

Deputy Paul was the crazed dude who killed Deputy Freddy in the previous episode. He gets put in prison, escapes, and then attempts to hold Big Jim and Barbie at gunpoint. This prompts Linda to shoot him. You realize this means three of the town’s police force died in the first three episodes, right? Big Jim makes Linda Police Chief at this point, but that was almost a no brainer, since I think there was no one else left!

Episode 4 – none

content smiley

Whew, an episode where no one died! Ok, let’s all heave a sigh of relief!

Episode 5 – Reverend Lester Coggins

Lester - Under the Dome

The Reverend, besides being involved in the local drug manufacturing conspiracy, was also a little, well, wacky. It is likely that he was not that way before this Dome thing happened, but we will never know. The Reverend did manage to burn down Duke’s house while trying to destroy the evidence of the illegal dealings, and also tried to burn all the antibiotics and other medicine, and I think Big Jim just… had… enough… of… him… and pushed his head, hearing aid first, into the Dome where it killed him.

Episode 6 – Rose Twitchell

Rose - Under the Dome

Rose owned the one diner in town. She was killed by two crazed looters who also almost raped Angie.

Episode 7 – Alice Calvert, Two Dundee brothers

Norrie, Alice and Carolyn - Under the Dome

The Dundee brothers were not around long enough to be graced with first names, but they are the pair that killed Rose, so they really didn’t need names for their oh-so-brief arc.

Alice, on the other hand, was Norrie’s mom and more importantly, a doctor. Medical professionals are a critical commodity in these types of disaster programs. Unfortunately, she had diabetes, and when the insulin ran out, she had a heart attack and died.

Episode 8 – Ollie Densmore and unnamed people attacking Ollie’s farm for his well

Ollie - Under the Dome

The fight for basic commodities – food, water – led to a confrontation at a farm, where Ollie the farmer was trying to control the town’s water supply via his well. During the battle for the well unnamed folk died, and in a strange turn of events the person who was only wounded was Phil, the radio station DJ. As for Ollie, well, let’s just say he chose unwisely when he pointed a gun at Big Jim in the presence of Junior.

Episode 9 – none

content smiley

Phew, another breather from the carnage!

Episode 10 – Agatha Seagrave

Agatha - Under the Dome

Cagey old Agatha was pretending to be someone she wasn’t. Probably a good thing in the current state of affairs in Chester’s Mill, but unfortunately, her true identity was revealed, and Big Jim got sloppy and let her fall out of a boat with her hands tied. Oops, glug, glug…

Episode 11 – Maxine Seagrave and her henchman

Maxine - Under the Dome

People who threaten others usually end up having a bad day at some point, and Maxine’s day finally came. She shot Julia, and was just a general pain in the rear for Big Jim and Barbie, so when she and her henchman are captured, was there really any doubt that Big Jim would take them out?

Episode 12 – Dodee Weaver

Dodee - Under the Dome

On a roll from the previous two episodes, big Jim continues his murderous streak and kills Dodee when she learns the truth about Big Jim and his past activities during a radio transmission from outside the Dome.

Episode 13 – none

Barbie - Under the Dome

Amazingly enough, the season finale did not have any deaths. Yeah it left on a cliffhanger with Barbie’s head in a noose, but we all knew he was not going to die, right?

Season 2
Episode 1 – Deputy Linda Esquivel, Angie McAlister

Angie and Linda - Under the Dome

We were promised before season 2 began that there would be a death of a main character early in this episode. As promised, we got our first death when Linda was crushed to death by an SUV which was dragged into the dome by… magnets. In all fairness, I had read that the actress playing Linda, Natalie Martinez, has another series currently in production, so she likely wanted to leave anyway.

The shocker came at the end of the episode. One of the main characters, Angie, who also is one of “the four” whose handprints affect the mini-dome, was brutally killed with a shovel.

Episode 2 – none

Dead Butterfiles - Under the Dome

Another episode with no deaths, but resident high school science teacher Rebecca Pine is warning that there are too many of “them” inside the dome, so that can’t be good for the current population, right? Oh, wait, maybe I should mention all the butterflies that died. And the crops, lots of crops which were burned by Rebecca.

Episode 3 – none

content smiley

Wow – two episodes in a row with no deaths! But, Rebecca is now pressing big Jim to figure a way to “thin the herd.” Yep, you heard that right. A required census actually provides the information that could be used to decide who is strong enough to survive or be exterminated! Yikes!

Of course, with all the deaths so far, you would think it might not be necessary – the residents of Chester’s Mill seem to be a doing a pretty good job of “thinning the herd” without an organized plan. Also of interest was the discussion in this episode of the fact the Dome is supposed to protect them, and gosh and golly, look at all the murders! Someone is paying attention at least…


What do you think about all the deaths on Under the Dome? Is there a dead character that you miss more than the others? Let me know in the comments section below!