True Blood Season 7 Review “Death Is Not The End”

The final season of True Blood continued last night with an episode that finally brought more of the characters together in a central location and hopefully took the wind out of some of the more tedious storylines this season.

Although I’ve had my gripes with this final season, I appreciate that the show runners have brought back a few familiar faces from past seasons. In the cold open, Jason called Hoyt in Alaska to inform him of his mother’s death. At the same time, Sookie called Alcide’s father to let him know of his son’s untimely death. I don’t think it is necessary to actually see Hoyt and Alcide’s father arrive in Bon Temps, but I’m admittedly intrigued by the idea of seeing Hoyt’s girlfriend, who Maxine described as nothing short of hideous looking.

The parade of familiar faces continued in the Eric and Pam trip down memory lane (and bad hair). This week’s flashbacks were much more entertaining to watch. How amazing was it to see Ginger in her pre-glamoured state? Through the flashback, we learned that Ginger was a bright, creative college student with an enthusiasm for vampires that led to a fun fan girl moment when she first saw Eric. It was very interesting to learn that Ginger was the brains behind Fangtasia and it wasn’t that surprising to learn that Pam stole the idea, thus beginning the cycle of wiping away Ginger’s memory. Poor thing.

The Scooby Doo gang continued their pursuit of the hep vamps. It is still mind blowing that no one thought to look at Fangtasia this entire time. By day, the human/sunlight tolerant portion of the gang investigated and made plans. By night, the vampires rallied their troops, which ended up being a few vampires in James’s band. It wouldn’t be True Blood if there weren’t a few inexplicably stupid character choices, so let’s discuss:

– There is not enough compassion in the world that would make me ever speak to or trust Rosie again. No matter what her intentions were, she proved masterful at poor judgment and being manipulated when she went from helping to rebuild to becoming a member of the stupid vigilante group. Informing her of Kevin’s death would not have been a priority and I certainly would not have shared any information about the location of the hep vamps. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

– I don’t quite understand why the humans did not attack Fangtasia during the day. We’ve seen Bill, Eric and other vampires up during the day in Fangtasia, so I guess it’s safe to say that the building is sheltered from sunlight. However, we’ve seen that the vampires are weakened without sleep, which I would guess is exacerbated when infected with a fatal virus.

Questionable strategy aside, the group got a much-needed, unexpected boost to their numbers when Pam and Eric arrived. Thanks to Eric’s powers as a maker, the group also went into battle with Willa on their side. As expected, Rosie told the stupid vigilantes that the hep vamps were at Fangtasia and the vigilantes nearly ruined it for everyone involved.

The action sequence was fun and nothing brought me more joy than watching the leader of the vigilantes get killed. With his death, I hope that storyline is over.

Other thoughts . . .

– Lafayette has been spectacular in every episode this season. He’s always a source of levity, but LaLa is also great when he’s the voice of reason. The scene with Jessica and James was great and I’m looking forward to the escalation of tension between the trio, as the connection between James and Lafayette develops.

– It was great to hear Sookie finally say to Jessica what I wish someone had said to her last season when she mistakenly devoured all but one of Andy’s daughters. In her guilt and grief, Jessica managed to make the incident all about her, which was so frustrating to watch last season.

– I really hope that Willa and Pam will have an opportunity to speak so that Pam knows Tara did not hate her in the end. I still think that Lettie Mae was likely the one that killed Tara and nothing would bring me more joy than to see Pam kill her.

– Speaking of characters that I hate, with the vigilantes and hep vamps presumably done, the focus will now turn to taking Sarah Newlin down. I’d rather not waste the final episodes of the series on the hunt for Sarah, but I’m holding out hope that finding her will result in possibly finding a cure (along with her certain death). True Blood is not Game of Thrones, the show can give fans a happy ending. I want to see Eric live!!!

– Jason’s rally speech was so wrong, yet so perfect for him.

– I like that the writers reminded viewers of the genuine friendship between Eric and Sookie. I also like the friendship between Eric and Bill and I hope that we see more of that this season.

– I’m still not over losing Terry.

– I love when Pam gets begrudgingly sentimental. I liked her moment with Bill. I also love responsible Pam, who puts out fires with a fire extinguisher.

– Will hep vamp blood not heal a human? I really thought Arlene was already a carrier after how quickly the last vamp that fed off of her died so quickly.

– I’m glad Arlene made it. She’s got keeeeeiiiiiids!!!!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Sound off below!