Ray Donovan Season 2 Premiere Review “Yo Soy Capitan”

Previously on Ray Donovan, there was sex, murders, lies, daddy issues, marital tension, lots of “fixed” issues, an odd cameo appearance by James Woods, childhood trauma, a slew of illegal activity and tons of questionable life choices. Overall, it made for pretty decent television and I look forward to covering the second season of the show.

Unsurprisingly, the season 2 premiere was more of a catch-up with the characters and a reminder of all the draw-dropping revelations that were made in the final episodes of the first season. Let’s revisit the revelations and where things stand now.


We learned last season that Abby kept in touch with Mickey while he was in prison and was the one who invited him to California to reconnect with his family. Abby is no stranger to the hatred her husband holds for his father, so her involvement with Mickey seemed like nothing short of a betrayal.

We now find the couple in therapy discussing this and many other issues in the Donovan family, particularly Ray’s anger and the numerous occasions in which the family has witnessed his rage firsthand.

We also learned that Abby is aware that her husband was molested by the priest he killed last season. Apparently, Ray and Abby are having sex twice a day, which the therapist attributes to Ray’s history of molestation. For Abby’s sake, I hope that the morning sex we saw at the top of the episode isn’t reflective of what’s happening twice a day.

The “no anger on display” contract might be a good idea after seeing Connor’s continued penchant for his father’s hothead ways. Connor might also consider dialing back on all the bragging about the famous people he knows. Someone also might want to look into all the time Connor spends chatting with Tommy Wheeler and intervene.

Family Ties

Unsurprisingly, Ray cannot break ties with his father. The FBI wants answers about Sully’s murder, which means grandpa is coming back to town. Mickey is in Mexico, mooching off of Daryl and paying for companionship. Like Ray, the elder statesmen of the family is still haunted by the events at the end of last season. While Ray dreamed of being buried, Mickey dreamed of a dolphin, voiced by Rosanna Arquette, inviting him to the deep waters of Mexico. Arquette portrayed a companion of Mickey’s last season, who was shot and killed in the midst of the Sully shenanigans.

I don’t know about his wardrobe choices, but it was nice to see that Bunchy was attending a support group. It also sounds like he’s trying to get his life together. Working at a bike shop sounds like a refreshing change from hanging around the gym.

Other thoughts . . .

– I knew Mickey was a shit dad, but using Daryl in a scheme to win money was a new low. Daryl is learning a hard lesson in what it means to be a son of Mickey Donovan.

– Marvin Gaye Washington’s video in the home where his parents were killed is a success. I’m happy for Marvin Gaye Washington, but would strongly prefer that the character remain off-screen this season.

– Looks like Cochran is much more ruthless than Miller in his pursuit of the Donovans.

– Between Ezra and Deonte, Ray will always have job security.

– Terry, there are more fish in the sea. Join e-Harmony before you get arrested for stalking and public intoxication.

– Really hope we get more Lena and Avi this season. The scene with Avi, Avi’s mom and Lena watching American Idol was great. Tiffany’s performance? Meh.

– The image of a shirtless Ray walking into a bar with a baseball bat in hand was a pretty good ending to the episode.

What did you think about the season 2 premiere of Ray Donovan? Sound off below!