The Last Ship Season 1 Review “We’ll Get There”

The Last Ship Episode 4 We'll Get There (2)

In the latest episode of “The Last Ship,” the show continued its trend towards slowing down the action a hair, in favor of more character-driven moments and plot forward-momentum. That’s not to say there wasn’t some solid action in “We’ll Get There,” just that it was more on the subtle side than in the first few episodes.

We started with some flashbacks to the past, as Captain Tom Chandler prepared to leave for the fateful mission to the Arctic. Little did he know then that it might well be goodbye for good, though we know that his family headed towards their family cabin in the woods and there were some supplies on hand which should last them for a while- but for how long, we don’t know for sure. That can’t be sitting well with the Captain, anymore than that sort of thing is sitting with the rest of the crew.

At this point, they’ve been at sea for nearly five months, which is no short amount of time to be doing that sort of thing, to be sure. What’s more, there are all sorts of things going wrong, from engine troubles to power outages to fires to Dr. Scott’s lack of being able to finish the job they opted to stay out at sea for: finding the cure for the virus at hand.

The problem is that they need to dock to address most of these issues, but because of the overheating engine, they can’t quite make it to the next nearest feasible landing destination, the Serrana Bank, a small island. If the engine completely overheats, then the whole ship could end up dead in the water. Not to mention that, with no power, Dr. Scott can’t secure the right temperatures to keep her samples safe. Or the fact that the water supply is dwindling.

So, working together, the crew finds ways to address the major issues: the water is stockpiled and rationed; the ship is shut down for extended periods of time to let the engines cool; and Lt. Chung has the bright idea to put the Doctor’s samples deep down in the water to where they can be properly cooled at the right temperature as needed while the ship is powered down.

Slattery also has a talk with Dr. Tophet to convince him to help Dr. Scott in figuring out the cure, which he finally does in exchange for being allowed on deck in the sunlight and a halfway decent chess player, which he gets in the form of “Bacon,” aka the ship’s chef, who is none too happy to be involved. On the plus side, Dr. Scott does indeed successfully find a potential cure with Tophet’s help, and now all that remains is to test it out on a human subject. So that part of the mission may well be accomplished. Now if they can just remedy the ship’s issues…

I liked the various details scattered throughout, from the underwater cooling solution to the Doc’s concerns to the way the water was gathered, including separating it out from beer (hello, Coors Light plug!); to the nifty bit with the parachutes fired into the air to be used as ad hoc sails for the ship when the wind picks up. As ever, I have no idea how logical or correct this all is in real life- a recent commenter who’s former Navy said that he and his pals drink every time the show makes a technical error, which is hilarious- but it makes for a fascinating and exciting show, so I’m not complaining too much overall.

I’m looking forward to the wacky-looking episode next week, in which the crew encounters some island natives gone wild, which should be fun! And lest we forget, the Russians are still nipping at the ship’s heels, so that’s bound to be an issue sooner than later- least of all with the potential cure at hand, finally. This was a good episode, but not quite as exciting as the first few, but that’s to be expected. To maintain that level of action would have been ridiculous, and strained credibility even more than they have already.

I’m as big a fan of explosive action as the next guy, but it has to make sense to a certain degree and be warranted, or it can be awfully silly. So far, the show has earned its action, so I don’t mind waiting a bit until it warrants it again. I think it’s safe to say that no one out there watching expects letter-perfect details on things, but as long as it isn’t completely ridiculous, I can live with it- though that business with the tin foil came close!

What did you think of “The Last Ship” this week? Did you appreciate the more subtle action this week, or are you counting the minutes until they get back to blowing stuff up again, aka Michael Bay’s favorite pastime? What do you think is up with the island native situation? Were you sad to see all that beer go? How about that Navy beach party? Do you think Dr. Scott’s cure will work? What will the Russians do next? Sound off below and I’ll see you next week for the island madness!