‘Doctor Who’ Full-Length Season 8 Trailer Breaks Out Daleks, Dinosaurs and Darkness

A new era of Doctor Who begins Saturday, August 23rd when Peter Capaldi takes the wheel of the TARDIS, and the full-length trailer hints at dark days ahead. Gone is Matt Smith’s cheerful, “bow ties are cool” bravado, and in its place we have Capaldi channeling the darker side of The Doctor that Smith, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston all brought to the character in small bursts– but where is the fun?

The trailer is full of action. There are dinosaurs tromping through a city (most likely London), Daleks and Clara facing all manner of spooky looking new creatures. However, The Doctor himself speaks about finding penance, heading into darkness and whether or not he is a “good man.” Watch the trailer below. Do you think season eight looks too serious or are you enchanted by the new monster designs and cool action sequences?