Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Going Under”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 5 Going Under (7)

This week’s Rookie Blue was all about frat house brawls, handguns and unfortunate situations

The majority of the episode was dedicated to Nick going under cover with Dov and Diaz, but the sting gets messy when Diaz is forced to arrest his own drug dealer. As fans will remember from last week, Diaz has been ingesting something stronger than coffee. Hoping he can turn things around, Diaz hatches a plan to let his drug dealer go if he gives up a bigger supplier than himself.

The offer doesn’t go down easy at first, but Diaz’s dealer is in. The only problem is that the rest of the gang isn’t ready to cut him a deal with Dov looking extra suspicious until Diaz plays the lonely guy card. The whole situation actually makes you feel bad for Diaz until he makes a fool out of Dov and thinks he can still out smart his co-workers. Diaz may not have been a major character, but his expected absence will be strange once 15 Division figures out what’s really going on with one of their own. Does anyone else forsee bodily harm in Diaz’s future? Especially after seeing his all to cocky drug dealer threaten him!

As for the rest of the force, Andy spent most of the episode admiring the life of an adult runaway, fantasizing about going to the beach, and wallowing in self pity after Duncan filed a complaint. Sam helped to put things in perspective for her once again.

Meanwhile, Gail just couldn’t bring herself to fill out a witness report for the murdered mom from last week’s episode. It was refreshing to finally see a softer side to Gail. What did you think of the latest episode of Blue? Are you ready for what looks to be an explosive episode next week?