‘Please Like Me’ Season 3 Announced by Pivot

Please Like Me Series 2

Pivot announced a third season pick-up for its comedy series Please Like Me today at the Television Critics Association Summer 2014 Press Tour.

Based on the events of his awkward life, Please Like Me is executive produced by Josh Thomas, who also stars as the main character, and follows Josh on his day to day life as he tries not to upset anyone.

The second season of Please Like Me premieres on August 8th at 10:30pm (following Pivot’s new docu-comedy, Human Resources at 10pm) and amongst Josh’s new adventures will feature him having to take a show with a baby… let’s just say poo is involved.

In fact when asked about that scene during the Please Like Me panel, Josh Thomas explained that when he came up with the scene he first checked on Google to make sure it was possible. He said “Josh googles can you shower with a baby, Google says yes” and it makes it into the show.

For fans of the first season, Thomas assured that season 2 was filmed and constructed the same way that season 1 was except they had more money thanks to Pivot collaborating with ABC Australia on the show. So get excited for some more shenanigans!

You can watch a sneak peek from the second season below.