Royal Pains Season 6 Review “Goodwill Stunting” – Is HankMed Ready to Move Up?

Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 5 Goodwill Stunting (6)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Goodwill Stunting,” Evan and Jeremiah battle the evil corporate monster known as Symphony and come up with what could be HankMed’s next big step.

Hank and Evan have gone through a lot of changes since they first traveled to the Hamptons after Hank lost his job and his fiancé. Actually, Hank hasn’t really changed that much since all he ever wanted to do was treat patients and he still feels that way. But while he was busy being Dr. MacGyver, Evan was busy building an entire business around them.

They’ve had it pretty good for a while, since HankMed was the only concierge doctor around. But in this episode we saw that Symphony was making things very hard on HankMed. They jacked up their rates so that HankMed patients wouldn’t be able to use the facilities at the local hospital and would be forced to sign up with them. It all seemed hopeless until one comment from Jeremiah gave Evan an idea: What if HankMed started their own hospital?

Personally I think that’s a fantastic idea and I can see that this could take them, and the show, into an exciting new direction. Sure, I still want Hank out in the field fixing patients with duct tape and straws, but having a hospital of their own could be great as well. I don’t know if it’s really going to happen, but my eyes lit up as much as Evan’s did when Jeremiah mentioned it.

One think I’m still unsure about is Emma. It was nice to see her and her brothers continuing to bond in this episode, her and Hank especially. I thought it was great that Hank found a sibling who didn’t back away from the medical side of the business and I found myself looking ahead to Emma going to medical school and coming back to help the family business.

But then she went and ruined it when she (apparently) took pictures at the party and sold them to a tabloid. I really wanted to believe her when she said that she hadn’t taken the money from Evan as a bride, but as Hank pointed out, she also touched her nose when she did it. Every time I feel like I’ve got this girl figured out, she does something to change my opinion in one way or another. Deep down, I do hope that she’s not a bad person, but she does come from two con people so you never know.

As for Paige, I was really worried for her in this episode. After losing their house not that long ago, it seemed like losing her job could send her over the edge. At least I know that’s how I would have felt, especially if my boss had sat there and told me that I’d have to start over from the beginning. She’d used almost those exact words to describe her and Evan’s situation when their house burned down and I was afraid for a minute there that she was going to decide enough was enough and just take off or something. I was very glad to be wrong and I loved that she took a bad situation and turned it around in her favor.

In the end, this episode had most people looking forward to a brighter future, while one still seems to be trying to figure out what kind of future she wants.

My favorite bits:

Emma cooking breakfast for her big brother.

Hank admitting that Evan probably became a good cook because he knew Hank didn’t have time to cook for him when they were younger. Aw, that hurt my heart a little.

Hank and Emma realizing how much they had in common.

Emma trying, and failing, to tell Hank how great running was on the beach.

The look on Hank’s face when Emma accepted Ricky’s party invitation.

“How’d you even lift that?”
“Hurt myself doing it.” – Well, at least he’s honest.

Emma and Evan talking about Hank like he wasn’t there.

Evan and Hank fighting over who was the fun brother.

Hank immediately guessing that Evan had paid Emma to do something. Ah, he knows his little brother so well.

Thinking “pip hop” was the cutest word ever.

Hank calling Evan “Scorsese.”

The scene of Divya giving the shot to Ray cut with Paige listening to opera. That cracked me up.

Evan trying to play director.

Evan not letting Jeremiah blame himself for the troubles with Symphony.

Hank reminding Evan that the last time he had the flu, he begged Hank to kill him.

“How do you do it?”
“How do I do what?”
“Not get emotionally crushed every time one of your patients has a setback.”
“Who says I don’t?”

“I’m proud of my little brother.”
“I’m a big brother now.”

Hank freaking out once Evan reminded him of how much trouble he got into at Emma’s age.

“I need to check out your leg.”
“Hank, it’s not that kind of party.”

Emma helping Hank like a pro. Methinks someone might become a doctor like her big brother.

“He even saved me from a super-dangerous barbeque. If he hadn’t shown up, I might’ve had a second burger.” – Ha!

Emma finding a definitive way to prove that Nancy was faking.

Hank breaking down the door to get to Ray.

Marco pulling a gun on Divya and Hank. Whoa!

Hank trying the “squid out” and failing at it.

Hank noticing that Emma touched her nose when she said she hadn’t taken a bribe to stay. Uh oh.

Paige suggesting she and Russell work directly for Ray. Good for her!

Watching a light bulb go off over Evan’s head when Jeremiah said he wished they could open their own hospital. Awesome idea!

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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