Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Unseen Power of the Picket Fence”

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 3 Unseen Power of the Picket Fence (15)

Apologies readers for the delayed post. Been suffering from an ear infection, and while it isn’t Borz collapsed lung bad, it certainly has been messing with me. Speaking of Borz, he finally met his maker in Venezuela, but thankfully after providing Annie a nice piece of intel. With him gone, we now are on the search for The Postman aka the real mastermind behind the Chicago attacks. I’m sincerely hoping we haven’t met The Postman yet. That would just be too easy and cliché, and it’s already be done on this show before. I would buy, however, if we happen to already know someone *cough* Hayley *cough* in league with The Postman. It would still be a standard television trope, but I could handle it much better.

More Thoughts After Going Back for My Christian Louboutin:

– “Unseen Power of the Picket Fence” was an eventful episode of Covert Affairs, but due to my feeling under the weather, I’m going to discuss the rest of it in bullet form.

– Annie lying straight to Borz’s face about Oksana was an exciting character development and yet, not unsurprising. With everything she has endured over the past 5 years with the CIA and Henry, it makes sense she would take a lesson from teacher. Sometimes you gotta dance with the devil.

– On the other hand… was Annie being legit to McQuaid in saying she doesn’t mix business with pleasure? It sure came across like that and yet I have three people who can say otherwise: Ben, Auggie, and Simon.

– So McQuaid is basically the lovechild of Batman and Iron Man. He’s super rich, good-looking, snarky, good with weapons and fighting, and knows random medical information to fix a collapsed lung. And he just bought that house in Venezuela on a six-month lease for them to hide in!! That place was nice!

– How long before Roger, Auggie’s former CIA buddy, bites the dust? We got a glimpse of someone taking pictures of the guy after he called Auggie which certainly doesn’t bode well. My guess is he’ll relay his discovered intel about The Postman to Auggie/Annie and be killed right afterwards/as he’s doing it.

– Am I the only one suspicious of Hayley still? Yes, I have my thing against the Pink Ranger, but she was super shady going to Auggie’s place and having him sign the left corner (not the right) of a document and then initiating sex immediately afterwards. What did he sign?

– I also think Caitlyn may be hiding something as well but not sure what it could be. I’m leaning towards it protecting McQuaid but not necessarily being a bad thing.

– Not a fan of Calder and the prostitute mostly because I feel it’s a way to just get sex on the show. I don’t know anything about this girl other than she’s a prostitute, and that’s a problem. I just have a feeling she’s on the show to either serve Calder as a character or be a plot device. And there are already too many of those kinds of female roles on television.

– My two favorites moments of the episode: Calder yelling out “Patrick!” to his assistant (just found how Hill Harper said that to be incredibly funny). Annie destroying the hood of that car in the chase scene at the beginning. I thought of Cher in Clueless saying “Oops! Should I write them a note?” after she side-swiped a car during her driving test.