‘The Bridge’ Season 2 Interview: Diane Kruger Previews Sonya’s Toxic, But Important New Relationship

Diane Kruger brought the complex character of Sonya Cross to vivid life in the premiere season of The Bridge. Now the acclaimed actress is back for round two as the second season of the border drama premieres tonight, Wednesday, July 9th at 10/9c on FX. Recently, TV Equals joined in a press call with Kruger where the actress discussed the darker tone of season two, Sonya’s toxic and liberating relationship with the brother of her sister’s killer and more.

Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Sonya’s Season Two Arc

For Kruger, season one was devoted to figuring out who Sonya was and how she worked. After working with people who have Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as an Asperger’s coach, Kruger found Sonya’s voice and made the character her own. In season two, Sonya’s emotional growth will continue as she connects with Jack Dobbs, the brother of the man who killed her sister.

This journey is about more than navigating a relationship; it will lead to Sonya being at odds with her father figure and mentor, Hank (Ted Levine), and put on a road toward greater independence. However, nothing about Sonya and Jack’s connection will be easy. “There’s a lot of personal hardship for her,” Kruger revealed. “Some great joys in the beginning of the season, and then, it’s pretty dark for Sonya. Yet, at the same time, it’s a great year, a season of personal maturity. I think when she cuts ties– she had this sort of daughter/father-figure relationship with Ted’s character, and as that relationship gets tested and tried, I think she comes out of it as a much stronger independent woman, and she’s also starting to realize that things are not quite as black and white and sometimes you have to make a concession, which has been, for Sonya, completely unimaginable.”

Last season it was revealed, Sonya regularly visited Jim Dobbs in hopes of understanding why he killed her sister. In Jack, Sonya finds what feels to her like a shared connection.

“Meeting his brother has this strange fascination for her of being still with somebody who she shares history with,” Kruger elaborated. “Clearly, that is not a very good way of going about things, and again, her idea of what sex means and being physically with somebody comes into that, and they have this really strange relationship that makes her really happy or she thinks is really happy. You’ll see that relationship over time and what happens with it is pretty sad.”

New Villains, Darker Stories

In Season one, The Bridge stayed close to the storyline from its Scandinavian counterpart, Bron, but Kruger promised season two is a “very different show in many ways.” For one thing, co-showrunner Meredith Stiehm has left the series and returned to Homeland leaving Elwood Reid as the main voice of the series. It seems his vision of The Bridge is much darker and more complex (and will not involve a serial killer).

“There’s not just one storyline per se, so our personal lives get involved in what is happening on the border,” Kruger said. “There are many different storylines that sort of happen at the same time, and, seemingly, are not connected, and the American involvement in the cartels plays a big part.”

Additionally, one of the villains of season two is an unusual, Tarantino-esque woman named Eleanor Nacht (Franka Potente), who Sonya will develop an intriguing dynamic with. “When our characters finally meet, I think Eleanor is so odd and so different that on some level Sonya is fascinated by that, but also feels like she is moving in to her, not just by following leads, but she’s trying to get into her psyche, and I think that will really happen like those two women do this little dance around each other.”

On Marco and Sonya

After years of working alone or with just Hank, Sonya finally found a partner in Marco (Demian Bichir). The duo became close last season and will once again team up in season two, but their partnership will be tested.

“Sonya has reason to believe that Marco is compromised and she distrusts him quite a bit, and there’s a big fallout over whether or not she believes that he’s taken too many steps into that darkness, you know, into that grey zone where she learns about his dealings with the bad guys basically,” Kruger revealed.

Add in her relationship with Jack, and we have the perfect recipe for conflict between the partners. With their relationship being tested, Sonya will truly be on a path of her own making this season.

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